Simply Wonderful

I had a simply wonderful day. I have been communicating with a new man "K" (not to be confused with the other K). He is a few years younger than me (my very first younger man). His emails to me have been interesting and just the right mix of vanilla & D/s. Today he invited me to meet him for coffee at Starbucks. As I was waiting for him I read my kindle, which had a bdsm book and it was HOT. So this may have had some influence over my mood.

He bought me my favorite chi latte tea and we sat down to talk. He was very nice, mixed vanilla with a hint of D/s. I could see he watched my reactions to what he said and what he asked. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and when I had to leave he walked me to my car. We said goodbye and he hugged me. As he let go, he held on to me for a moment and he looked at me, laughed and let me go. In that moment I could tell his wheels were turning, know that look that a D gives you. Anyway I left there thinking this was a man I could be with, definitely lover potential.

An email showed up in my box later:
I thought you were pretty awesome! Such a nice smile and you know how to laugh at things. And I'm super curious to bring out that submissive side in you in the future as my instinct tells me I think we would work well together in that respect. I sense that you are (rightfully) very cautious but hopefully you had a similar feeling. Do you have plans over this weekend at all?
Yes it was simply a wonderful day for this submissive.

P.S. This has nothing to do with "K" and more do with a friend...tonight was the night I flipped the switch on "T". I was speaking to my friend who has been dealing with a family issue, so I hadn't told her about my breakup. It was funny I thought she would see it more from his side but she was completely supportive of me. She said that everyone has shit in their lives and part of life is dealing with it, in a mature manner. What a jackass (she said), F--- him for being such a looser weenie. I love my friend for putting exactly what I was feeling into words, anyway it was just the push I needed.


  1. Sounds very starts are always exciting...good luck!
    hugs abby

  2. well I am sure this will be deleted before anyone reads it. Its me T the loser weenie. I wish I had a switch I could just turn on and off. You have basically bashed me here and yet only told part of the story. Your very Narcissistic and until you work on that you will not be happy as a sub. I never spoke, said or did an unkind thing to you till we broke up. Even then basically what I did was walk away.
    Your behavior on numerous occasions was childish, "telling me you could not come to my house cause you did not want to spend money on gas and you live maybe five miles away" I had to ask my self after you said it to me on phone did she really say that? On top of that when you said it I was sick to boot. You knew you were wrong and it was not the first time you said something to me and wondered if after you said it, if it would cause us to break up. Relationships even dom and sub are give and take not one person taking everything. I paid for everything we ever did, which is how it should be, was never mean, or unkind to you in any way. Unfortunately you can not say the same thing.
    My valentines day before I even got to your house was horrible. You knew everything that happened. I had been looking forward to seeing you all day. It was the only thing that kept me from going home and curling up in a ball was I get to see my girl... I made a special trip to buy your gift, two white and two dark chocolate roses. I wrote out that card from the heart. When I got to your house you just tossed them all down like they were nothing and did not even read the card. I am not sure to this day if you even did. I could not believe it, but I did not say anything. The first thing I did when I found out you left me a card at my house was race to it, read it and I was happy to get it. You felt like what I did for you was so unimportant and not good enough that it did not deserve your attention. Then on way to dinner you pouted most of way. I knew where we were going, then you suggested somewhere else. We went out to eat all the time so why you would have assumed on valentines day we were not, I have no clue. If you were not sure you should have called and asked instead of going ahead and eating. I had even told you how to dress.

    Before I had got to your house I had three things happen that day that I will not go into but anyone of them could have ruined someones day alone much less having all three of them happen in same day. My saving grace all day was I get to see you tonight so imagine how bad it felt when you acted as childish as you did. "telling me you did not like your gift and that I put no thought into it" You knew it was childish or you would not have asked if we could get past it after you said it.
    The difference between you and me. I was in love with you. I have no desire to go out with anyone else and I have lost weight over this. I am not dating seeing anyone else or wanting to see anyone else. Why? because I lost who I thought was the most perfect girl in the life style for me that I had ever met. Someone I would marry. I don 't talk marriage very often either its just not me and for me to have talked about it with you just shows how special you were to me.
    Your behavior after we broke up just proved I made right decision, asking for the medicine you bought me when I was sick back. I had to go buy another package of it to give it back. It was just another childish thing, maybe I should have asked for the wood from your sons closet back or the caulk back, or the parts to repair the toilet, but hey by being petty you just prove it was the right decision to end it now.

    I do love you and do wish you good luck, but this is my closure anyway I am sure you will erase this and not let your readers see it.
    The truth is a funny thing... you take two people and its usually somewhere in the middle.
    good luck
    The loser weenie... T

  3. Regardless of what happened you chose the easy way out. You chose not to talk about what happened, you just ran away and ended things in an email, you abandonded me, abandonded us.

    It's been almost a month and not once did you try to see me or even call me.

    You obviously have been reading my blog and when I expressed my heartbreak you didn't reach out to me.

    I hope you find some peace, because regardless of the he said she said, I did love you and I do wish you well.