Thanks but NO

I'll never call you or write you again after this unless you initiate the contact , but I think you should go back and read your posts about me again
If you are honest with yourself and what you seek I think you'll realize that I challenged you mentally and physically and maybe just maybe we deserve a 2nd chance
You said repeatedly that I have ESP and knew what you needed in all aspects including making you feel safe on bad dates.
All i ask is you think about it and then if you find it in your heart reach out to me and be happy again.
I know I miss you as well
"K" (Sir)
This is the email I received from "K", my former D (married). I have told him repeatedly that I don't want to see him but he won't go away. Yes everything he said was true, he challenged me and he did make me feel safe at the time. But when we ended it my switch flipped and once that happens it doesn't matter what you say.

One man I met described the D/s relationship like a drug (tapping his arm at the same time). I have to agree with him because lately I definately have felt the same way. Now, I may not be "happy"(or satisfied) right now but I am the type of person that can never go back. I have moved past my experience's with "K" and while I appreciate him helping me grow as a submissive, I am looking for a new challenge.

So thank you for the offer but I politely decline.


  1. Lets hope once and for all that he realises this, and is a man of his word.

  2. Well put. You were abundantly clear.

    Good luck. Hoping he heard you.


  3. Thanks Ladies, I believe he will be.

  4. Onwards and Upwards - that is the spirit - 'Go girl go' :)

  5. i think you have been very straight and precise with him, lets hope he listens.

    blossom xx

  6. Good for sticking with what is right for you now! abby