I wonder if being a submissive or D is an excuse to take chances or is it more because we know what we want and how we need to feel?

I have decided to peek out from around the wall (as ahiddenslave said yesterday), step out of my comfort zone and do something I have never done before.  Even though I might get hurt or worse actually feel something, I can't stop myself.

I asked a friend this morning WTF am I doing, part of her reply was....
"I think sometimes i just need to "feel" even if just for a little bit, i need to "feel" the blood flow, the heart beat, the sensation of being alive, of being submissive. It is a craving that needs to be answered, needs to be what you feel you need to do, and always remember you are my friend and if at any time you need a friend i am here!"
I wish everybody was as accepting as she is, a friend who no matter what happens and is there to support you, cheer for you when you are winning and pick you up when you have fallen. I strive to be like her to all my friends and family everyday.


  1. That's almost the definition of friend in my book. I am very selective about who I call friend. Those are the ones you never want to lose no matter what you are going through.

  2. Some people thrive on chaos and crisis, I choose to thrive on the thrill of crazy sex. I once read a book that said something to the effect of ... Those who thrive on crisis will continue to seek that adrenaline rush by creating more crisis. Sex is more fun!

  3. Interesting thoughts...

    I like to think I'm here for you. Well, here for you is not quite the same as there for you, but you know what I mean. And it's kind of in a limited way. But still.



  4. I agree with Mindset. Sexual interaction is for me a very creative and inspiring thing, so I get quite cross when people say things like "it was just sex". When sex is right, and works as it should, it goes straight to the heart of human intimacy. My intuition tells me that this is even more true of BDSM sex, and my limited experience tells me I'm right.
    Your friend is indeed a true friend if she feels able to tell you to "do what you need to do" - especially around sex, an area in which so many people are very blinkered. She is very wise too.