Forced Orgasm

He has graciously taken over Mastering me until I find what I am looking for. Today histoy wrote about the man she wants to meet, hoping one day soon to be his toy. I too am looking for that man, who will want the same things that I want. Until then I am grateful for his Mastering, keeping me balanced and moving forward.

I slipped right back into "Sir" very easily, giving him control over my body and mind, letting him take me where he wants to go. He has taken back possession of me very quickly, making up for lost time. The day starts with a phone call or a text, then a visit from him taking what is his, to do with as he pleases. He keeps things moving during the day with text messages that start off simple then end up with me feeling flushed and my pussy throbbing.

After a day of being kept on the edge, the evening brings a forced orgasm using the Hitachi wand. The orgasms were given freely at first then they were taken at his insistence. The wand was turned from low to high, pressing harder and harder against me. Even when I didn't think there was anymore to give, he took more by talking to me in between. Calming me down and then when I heard the wand go on again, I would begin to whimper because I was sore and I didn't think it would feel good, but I was wrong. "Sir" brought me to a crashing orgasm, one after another. I was not aloud to come without permission, which was a challenge at first but then I came every time he told me to.

I had been humiliated earlier during the day, by having to call his voice mail to leave a message. Begging him to let me cum. I felt ridiculous and my face was hot with humiliation. During the session I had to beg for each orgasm and when they came I was to scream out his name. I can't tell you everything that happened because it all becomes a blur or sounds & feelings. I do know that afterwards I was told I was a good girl.


  1. am so jealous, and so happy for you! (i found your blog in a thread on fetlife a day or two ago.)

    may i ask - i've considered being in a similar situation for the same reason. but i keep thinking i'll be wasting energy on a relationship that's not ultimately what i want when i should be spending it looking for that relationship and being open to it. has that crossed your mind at all?

    cheers, deb

  2. Deb,
    I thought I had found that LT relationship and when it ended I was devistated. I tried desperately to keep my head up, stay positive and keep looking. Even several months later (many dates later) I felt sad at the loss and betrayal.
    So for me being in this relationship is a positive for my mind and body. I knew going in the first time it would never be long term and I was good with that. He actually encourages me to find a LTR partner and I am still looking. But right now I am also enjoying the safety of what we have, I almost feel like in a way it is making me stronger.
    I hope this ramble answers your question, lol.
    Thanks :)

  3. Sometimes food for the body is all we actually need. Finding food for the soul is actually very hard work. And I expect you're sleeping very well at the moment. Smiles xx

  4. Sigh.

    I might be a little jealous too. When I'm not being really happy for you, which I also am.



  5. That was so good to read. I want to try forced orgasms with My slut. She gets very sensitive after a few, but I want to push her to see how much she can take. Thank you for describing it so exquisitely.


  6. oh, yes, that answers my question. thank you for sharing. i'm glad you're in such a safe and positive relationship, then.

    i guess every situation is different, isn't it? no one right answer for all.