The game

I was accused of playing the dating game. He said that he knew I was talking to other men and that was OK but he felt like he had no control over the game.

He's right, I do play the dating game. Not by choice but because that's how the cards are dealt. I have read and spoken to others who experience the same as I with men. You start off emailing with them, they seem interested, you share details and things are going along - then poof, their gone. Never to be heard from again. So yes I play the game to protect myself.

Until we get to a meeting, I am looking out for myself. I am questioning everything they say until I can determine if they are worthy of the next step. Being completely honest there are levels - email, messenger, phone, meeting.

If they become to aggressive, if they say something that sets off a warning bell, if they are an extreme sadist, express a feeling of desire or love over email or messenger, etc., then they don't make it to the next level. Very similar to vanilla dating.

Just because I am submissive doesn't mean I will accept anything. I am looking for something special. I am looking for a dominant man who wants a long term relationship and not just play time. I want relationship that combines D/s and vanilla, with someone who is honest and in control of himself and his life. I am looking for an honest open relationship where I can share my submission with a dominant man, it seems so simple yet so complicated.

Last time I checked I wasn't in a relationship with a commitment so yes I play the dating game, looking for that one.

There are some new players in my game...



    Yes, exactly!


  2. Can I assume the protester has been ejected from the game?

    or at least is getting some time in the penalty box?

    How can you NOT play the game when you're dating?

    because if we think they're not also looking for other prospects continually until they find their one?

    we're fooling ourselves


  3. Hi sbf

    you do whatever you need to do, afterall its your life until you meet the One that will make your life complete.

    blossom xx

  4. Your game...your rules.

    Some more players sounds interesting. I always feel like the "delete" button is like the trap door and over the crocodile pit ( a bit like James Bond),

    Don't like what you are hearing?
    Have doubt? something just not quite right? ...push that button and imagine the crocs. :{)

  5. It sounds so complicated. I love monogomy. There may be compromises, but at least we have trust and love and commitment. And lots of fun. Good luck, and I totally agree with your philosophy.