Special Gift (dripping vanilla)

Today (well more like 3am) my daughter got flu like symptoms. She is 20 yrs old, very independent and opinionated. We ended up at the doctors office where they said she had bronchitis and some type of infection but really couldn't figure out what was wrong with her but she's on enough antibiotics to take down an elephant.

My gift came in the form of her wanting her mother. After being sick for 4hrs she ended up sleeping in my bed. Then when it was time to go to the doctors, instead of her boyfriend she wanted her mother. Afterwards she came home to sleep and went immediately to my room (where she still is even though her boyfriend was here all day). She has informed me that she will be staying the night.

I know tomorrow when all the meds kick in she will be back in her own world discovering life without mom, but today I got a wonderful gift of taking care of my baby girl when she needed me.

When you have older kids its all about the moments, they come and go quickly so grab them whenever you can.


  1. How wonderful :)

    First time poster..I think!


  2. awe... so true, it is so very nice to be needed...
    Hope she feels better (in a few days ...lol)

  3. It is very special when they remind you that they still need you (at least some of the time). Hope she's better soon

  4. We must cherish the moments. Best wishes to her!

  5. It sounds lovely :)

    I can't wait for the day I wish for them to come to me instead of always wishing for them to go away. (no not as terrible as it sounds lol they just seem too needy at their current ages)

  6. Well it was lovely for the day...today is exactly what I thought, lol!
    Thanks for the well wishes.