Breakfast & Lunch

This morning as I was sitting in the bathroom blowing my hair dry. I was wearing only a little black skirt and no top. Totally engrossed in what I was doing (drying the underside of my hair) when all of a sudden he was there grabbing me (and scaring me so much that I screamed). I was pulled up from the stool and pushed against the bathroom counter. Bent forward with my ass sticking out, he pushed my legs apart. Pulling my hair and spanking me at the same time. His hand slipped around to fondle my nipple roughly. He whispered in my ear...What do you want, slut? I want you to fuck me Sir.

I was pushed down against the counter, my face against the mirror and my hands to the side, where there was nothing to grab on to but a bottle of perfume. As he held me down, his hand smacked me a few times and then he slipped his fingers into my pussy. I groaned with delight as he began to finger fuck me. Then when I didn't think it was possible to be pushed further down he did so that my ass was up high so he could fuck me. I caught a glimpse of him behind me in the mirror and I could feel myself getting wetter. After he was done fucking me, he turned around and leaned against the counter. I couldn't resist touching his chest and arms, he works out a lot. He told me I could take any reward I wanted. So I slid down to my knees and took him in my mouth, tasting his hard cock. I stroked his muscular legs and I reached through his legs to his ass. I slid my hands underneath and stroked his balls and ass until he came in my mouth.

Then for lunch I had a date with a vanilla guy. At the end of the date I could tell he wanted to kiss me (you know that look) but he didn't. I know he was being respectful but I would have rather he just reached out and taken a chance. But no, instead he said he wanted to see me again and we were done. The whole lunch was boring, but I went because its been a while since I was out with a vanilla and I needed to remind myself what I was missing....which was nothing. Now how am I going to get out of the next date?


  1. LOL...your post was just what I needed this morning. Hilarious.... Not for the vanilla date but for that awesome transition in the third paragraph. From the hot passionate erotic throws of D/s sex to ..."Then for lunch I had a date with a vanilla guy."

    Good for you for exploring your options:)



  2. Yes I agree with all K - "being respectful" is exactly not what I want in my sexual relationships - well not at this superficial level anyway. btw - hope you managed to rescue the hair xx

  3. K I went in enthusiastic but I was disappointed, I guess I just needed to be reminded.

    Alice I did rescue my hair and after he was done with me it actually looked better, lol!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. LOL No place for a Gentleman :)

  5. Yes, what they said - the contrast is wonderfully written. I cant' go back either.


  6. First a nice Mother's day and everything great for you, now that breakfast and everything great for a submissive, parabens.

    Mr. Lucius(∆Ω)