Breathe Bloggerspots back

Bloggerspot went into a read only mode for some maintenance issues yesterday and it lasted till today. So like any good addict I kept checking back every few hours to see if I could get back on. During day two histoy and I even contemplated finding those BS Geeks and...well let's just say bail money was involved. So now BS is back and I am calm and content.

We now return you to your regular programming.

This is the message I got while I was at work today….I may want to see you today. I need you to worship me ASAP.

Now this was a surprise because we had planned to get together tomorrow morning. But my first thought was he would come to my shop (because he has threatened to do that and there is privacy) and I would be on my knees in front of him – yes that’s where my mind goes. He had talked this morning about buying some new nipple clamps (I read lils review of her devices of torture so it reinforced my thoughts) and some softer hand cuffs.
From there the messages flew back and forth as arrangements were made to please him. I arrived home and did a quick primping. Put on a skimpy outfit, including black paten leather heels and laid out the items requested. I draped myself across the bed to wait for him to arrive. He showed up in his business attire and immediately took off his tie to use as a blindfold. My hands were cuffed and the skimpy outfit was pushed aside so they he could use me for his pleasure. He commented on how wet his slut was.

My nipples were pinched and covered with ice, then sucked on with his mouth. I was tortured with him almost bringing me to orgasm many times. I remember my legs in the air being held up by his strong hands as his other hand explored my body. When I finally was allowed to cum it was like a sense of calm. He undid my restraints and held me close. After I had come back, as he had me in his arms, he began pinching my nipple. Oh my god it felt so good, the pain and the pleasure combined with him holding me against his chest. I couldn’t move, only feel, it was like heaven. His hand guided mine to his hard cock. He told me I could take it and with that slipped between his legs for his pleasure.

My nipples are still sore, in a very good way. Like every time they brush against something it makes me remember. That feeling will carry me through the whole weekend.


  1. well if that is what happens when blogger goes down... may it happen more often : )

  2. I'm with Histoy :)



  3. LOL - no 'interuption of service' for you then BF :) brilliant

  4. Sigh...that's just lovely. Glad you had fun!

    It was kind of worrisome for me when blogspot went down - Sin was speculating on what it would be like if they all just disappeared - you have my e-mail address, right?


  5. The only interruption was in my brain, thinking that BS was holding my thoughts hostage.
    I don't know what I would have done without all you guys.
    So hugs to all!
    PS I realize its Blogspot and not Bloggerspot (it was the adrenaline talking).