Details, Details

Something I was reading today made me remember the first time I met him. The light-headed feeling I got when he touched me, asking him to trust him as his hand ran up my leg. Maybe it was yesterday's games that made me think of it today as I was sitting having tea at my favorite cafe.

I have been thinking about what I would write, trying to remember the details of what happened. All I could come up with are impressions. He told me I went to that place and it seems to make it more difficult for me to remember details. He was running late that morning, later I found out he had stopped at the store for a couple of last minute items. I was told to close my eyes as he moved around me. Ear plugs were put in my ears, something was tied around my head to cover my eyes. From there I don't know what happened but I do remember being pressed up against the door at some point. My hands held above my head, his fingers touching my wetness, him dragging his finger nails down my back - over and over. His hand coming down on my ass and instead of pushing back against the door I stuck it out further for him to do again.

At some point I was placed on my stomach on the bed, my arms secured behind me to each of my legs. I know my hair was pulled a couple of times, but it wasn't the kind I like...he had caught it on the side where it hurts. I remember he made me cum two times with his hand and then multiple times with the wand. When he uses that wand it starts off feeling good, then you wonder if you can cum anymore and then you get to a point where you just want more, greedy is the best word to describe it, that feeling of just letting it happen over and over is like floating.

The bonds were untied and he was beside me, growling at me to place my arms around him. I guess I wasn't cooperating when he tried to hold me, you have to love the irony. Afterwards he let me suck his cock until he came. Somewhere in there ice was put into play and there is more to the story but I can't fill in the blanks because I don't remember the details. All that's important is that it felt good and he told me I had that cat that ate the canary grin on my face, which he loves.

Neo Dom Tom was partially right, the anticipation was almost as good as the act itself and K it was awfully evil of him to not let me go to that place, but it certainly kept me on my toes all day and through the night.


  1. Ahhh...the fog and haze that envelopes all the fine details...also known as sub-space. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, from the anticipation all the way through the actual acts. Sounds to me it was just what you needed, unless I'm reading this wrong. Very nice!


  2. Ahhhh.... sigh. So lovely.

    If I weren't so happy for you, I'd be jealous.



  3. How nice that you had the cat that ate the canary grin. That grin was a grin worth a thousand words. Thanks for sharing even if you couldn't remember some of the details.


  4. A great description of what sounds like a fantastic, close and satisfying experience. Who needs details? Alice

  5. the girl has a particular expression like that too sbf. She smiles a lot but that smile is different. It's a very naughty smile and I love it.

    First meetings are always special. I am sure it's easier for Doms to recall the exact flow of events. but who care's when the overall feeling was so positive.

  6. ooooh sounds so good......

    anywho! back to feeling sorry for myself!

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sounds just perfect. lucky you.