He told me that I had taken my whipping well (yes apparently I was whipped the other day and forgot about it) and that it was a wonderful sight for him to watch my body as he made me cum over and over. He told me next time he would be making love to me, gently taking me.

Those words sent a warm feeling over me. He had asked me once did I like it rough or soft and slow...I asked if I had to choose, I like both. It doesn't matter how its done, its the fact that he is in control, taking me where he wants me to go. Pushing my body to new highs.

He also said that I was allowed to cum if I needed to, I didn't yesterday. But this morning after my little bird flew the nest, I came home to shower and was so hungry to let him know I appreciated his gift. I emailed him:

I felt free this morning, more so than I have in long time.
Afterwards I thought of you and your gift of letting me cum.
In the shower I thought of what you took your whipping well and it was wonderful to watch your body as it orgasmed. I thought of how you had pushed me up against the door, holding my hands up, how you had taken me over the bathroom counter - I thought of you and I came.
Thank you Sir
He wrote back:
I'm glad that I can help free your mind and help you release.  You may cum as much as you want today.
 What to do, What to do :)


  1. I think cuming sounds like the good thing to do.


  2. it sounds like a great thing to do:)

  3. Nice. So nice.