Hello & Good Bye

The new man in my life is "C", also known as Daddy or Master. I thought about what Nick had said about communication being key. As I was getting ready for work, I stared at my phone - do I text him or do I call. The worry was taken out of my hands, he called me. After having felt that connection with him I knew that if I was going to give it an honest try that I would have to tell him. I explained to him about the man I was seeing, how he had come to be in my life. How I had been falling apart after my breakup and that he had "rescued me" but that we both new it was temporary because of his situation. "C" asked me if I was willing to give up this man...I said yes. I told him that I never would have told you about him if I didn't feel a connection and wanted to see where it would lead. "C" told me that he appreciated my honesty and loyalty. I also told him about my blog and how I had chronicled my journey. I explained that it was there if he wanted to read it or not, so far he hasn't and that's ok because I never want to forget that this is mine, my outlet.

We spent another block of time together (6hrs) but it felt like no time had passed. I can't even describe everything we talked about, it was so much to process.  I can tell you he expects me to go places I never thought I would. He asked me why I would go there now...I said that I wouldn't go there with someone who just wanted that one thing. But its different with you because you offer more of what I want and that one thing is just a small piece of the puzzle. He wants a long term relationship, a lover, family, vanilla and kinky, a baby girl, a collared slave, whore and a lady. He wants it all, I want it all...I want the whole package and I'm willing to work hard to be happy.

He's already seeped into my brain and I think about him all the time.
Goodbye - we had always said that when the time came that either one of us wanted to go, we would honor each other. We said goodbye today so that I can honestly and purely pursue this new relationship. We wished each other happiness and he told me to be careful, not to let my heart get hurt again. I thanked him for being there for me when I needed him and that I would always remember how he rescued me.


  1. Dear thesubmissivebf,

    kitten can feel your heart! Only you know what's right for You and the honesty you showed "C" is something you should be very proud of.

    The best advice kitten can give is let go of the past and live in the moment, excited about the future. Give this, and everything you do your all, every day, not just because He deserves it, but because you deserve it!

    Always remember: Safe, Sane and Consensual (or as i like to call it, the SSC - lol)

    kitten is very excited for you, as you are embarking on a new journey, not just a new chapter, but a new book all together *wink*

    Wishing you well,

    kitten for Sir

  2. My thoughts are with you on this exciting new journey.... he is one very lucky man : )

  3. :) I'm happy to hear you have taken this step forward and excited for you as well.

    Hugs and good thoughts for you both.

  4. It is always hard to say goodbye to someone with whom you have shared intense experiences. But if clearing your life to allow another relationship a chance to grow feels right then it is the best for everyone. Here's to a happy, and exciting, future.

  5. sbf, Hugs for your goodbye and hello. Touching. I'm rooting for you! K

  6. It had to be difficult to say goodbye but it looks like you are opening the door to an exciting new adventure in your life.

    Want to wish you the best and I hope you keep sharing your story with us.


  7. Just doing the happy dance for you - how cool!