Nice surprise

Today brought an unexpected turn of events for me. Someone who had contacted me from CM, called me today. Now I have to say going into the phone call I expected nothing more than the usual nonsense, what I got was the complete opposite.

We talked for 4 hours, only ending the call because my battery was dying and I didn't have a charger with me. The conversation flowed so naturally and we spoke about everything from vanilla to mild kink. Although at one point he had me touching myself to see how wet I was (how do they do that). I sat down on the couch to talk to him and ended up sinking deep into his voice and experienced what he called a version of subspace. That feeling of being light headed and foggy, like I was wrapped up in a blanket.

We spoke about previous relationships. I told him about my last one and how the D hadn't followed through on disciplining me for something he felt was disrespectful. I said that he thought I hadn't acted respectfully, even though I didn't, but then never followed through with any discipline, he just walked away.

He said to me you felt abandoned didn't you? I said that was the exact word I used when I talked about it. I was surprised how well he understood. Then he went on to tell me about one of the disciplines he would use. A low bath would be drawn and the sub would be on her knees, arms behind her, head down. The D would take her hair and push her down into the water, bringing her up to talk to her and explain why she was being disciplined. He said the sub would be begging for forgiveness when it was done. I don't do his description justice. He asked me how I felt and I said that my whole body was paralyzed while you were telling me but at the end I could feel the love.

He asked me what I thought of being a slave, I said that I thought of a slave as being someone who opens the door for their master, puts on his coat, cooks, cleans and does everything (mind you this is my perception). He described it as being someone who belongs to a master, collared, loved and cherished. The master would open the door, help with the coat, order the food, etc just the way I believe a woman should be treated. The way he described it was much better than my perceptions and I said that I would be open to that description. I told him that I do want to be collared and belong to someone who I can lean on and turn to for guidance & strength, yet still retain myself as a strong woman for business and being a mother.

We talked about aftercare (always one of my questions) and he described it exactly the way I would want it, maybe even better. I found him to be funny, commanding, vanilla and kinky plus he's looking for the same things I am....but he lives 4 hours away. Not terribly far but enough of a distance that it is a thought in the back of my mind.

No expectations but I haven't clicked with someone in a while on the level that we did today, it was nice surprise to the beginning of the summer of me.


  1. submissivebf, it sounds like you had a really good talk, full of promise and interest, like opening an unexpected parcel and finding something nice inside.

  2. Four hours just means the evening can't be over in three hours. Can you say overnighters? (After the first few meet you half way of course!). Good luck!

  3. It sounds wonderful! i love his definition of a slave! Very cool! looks like you may be in store for quite an interesting summer...fingers crossed...

  4. That sounds amazing... happy that you found someone that you clicked with!

  5. Distance matters but not nearly as much as the time you spend together. Communicating matters even more and it sounds like you have that one under control.

    I hope you find Him to be all that you've been looking for

    N x

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  7. HS I love to get packages and when you don't know whats inside its even better.
    Mindset I like the way you think, lol!
    Thank you SBS.
    Nick your words were just what I needed to hear - that communication is the key, so thank you.
    Tattrouge thanks for invite.

  8. Histoy you deserve your very own THANK YOU!! My friend :)

  9. @Sbf - Nice. I'm so glad; it sounds like something worth pursuing.