Night & Day

He has that D's ability to know when something is bothering me, so when he started questioning me about us getting together today I felt like he was trying to get me to say what I wanted. I had been thinking about what DV, Clive, Draugluin, William and Florida Dom had all said (thank you gentlemen), plus I read up on aftercare to make sure my expectations were in line. All of this gave me the courage to speak up and let him know what I required. I guess I was afraid to tell him because I knew it was something he didn't do and after all who am I to tell him what to do. He waited patiently for me to articulate what I wanted.

After I finally got the words out telling him I needed more than he was giving, he said he wasn't a cuddle kind of guy. I told him that I needed to be touched and reassured afterwards. He said that all I had to do was tell him and he would take care of me. I was happy that he was so receptive but I was also more - I don't want to say aroused but I felt like I was now just a wire strung very tightly, anticipating what was to come today. That I had been stripped down and there was absolutely no excuse to hold back.

Text messages came while I was waiting making sure I would be ready for him. He had me lay out some items so that I could look at them while I was preparing myself for him. Showering, scenting and deciding what to wear, which is the funniest thing of all - what do you wear to take off and why do I agonize over it. He called when he was on his way, telling me to unlock the door, lay on the bed and start masturbating. I was wearing a small black lace skirt, black camisole top and my black zip up heels.

On the bed, next to the items I began to touch myself. Already wet and ready I began, before to long I heard the door but didn't look. I was immediately blind folded and handcuffed as he began to play with my body. I took everything he asked, giving him my complete trust and when we were done he pulled me into him. Holding me, stroking me and I could feel it was genuine. At first I could feel he wasn't sure but then he pulled me closer and I could feel him relax against me and we talked.

The difference from our other encounters was like night and day. When he left he said this is all new for me but if you need it then I will do it for you. I felt like I was wrapped in a blanket of warmth.


  1. Great! I'm happy for you both that he was receptive. More importantly, even though he knows this isn't his forte, he was willing to do it for you because you need it. That is a fabulous thing. Kudos to you for speaking up and telling him what you need, and kudos to him for being willing to give it to you.


  2. Wonderful! You were very brave, and so was he, pushing out the boundaries.

  3. One of the things I love about all the different bloggers is that there are so many different dynamics. It's fascinating for me to read about all the things that work or sometimes don't work for each couple. My lizard would never tell me what works for her and what doesn't--she leaves it completely in my hands and expects that I will know. And I do, or else I learn quickly. She trusts that I will get it right. (We do a lot of cuddling, by the way.)

    One other specific is I always pick her outfits.

  4. Perhaps he just needed permission (ouch!! - a Dom - needing permission??) to give you this part of himself? Very brave of the both of you and, I should imagine, very worth the leap of faith.

  5. ohhhh he does sound good... The fact that he will "adjust" to meet your needs says a great deal. Plus the fact that you found the strength within to communicate your needs, that reaffirms the strength that you as a submissive woman, possess.

  6. I'm glad that he was able to give you what you needed. I'm also glad our comments helped you.

  7. Brilliant. I believe that Alice makes a very valid point. Not all Doms would find it easy to show the 'cuddle' side, the sensitive soft side of their character. After all, that side would appear so 'un-dommy' 'un-masterful'. Perhaps something he believes his 'sub' might resent and run away from!
    Well done BF xxx

  8. O, what wonderful power there can be in asking for what you want! And when you actually get it?


    I'm so glad for you. Enjoy!


  9. How nice! I'm learning there is a big difference between asking for what we would like or need, versus complaining/accusing. You clearly did the former and I'm happy for you about the positive outcome:)



  10. I used to worry that asking would be "topping from the bottom". It is not, it is providing information to make things better. Glad it worked that way for you!