Summer Empty Nest

I didn't think I would be experiencing empty nest for another year. My son (almost 17) is leaving this weekend and won't be returning until the middle of August. He is a musician and will be traveling with a Drum Corp International Marching Band this summer. He is a talented musician and this is a wonderful opportunity for him to travel to over 20 different states to compete with other DCI bands. I am extremely proud and happy for him...but I will miss him tremendously. This is the first time he has been away from home for such a long period of time - correction this is the first time my baby boy has been away from me for such a long time and I am feeling a little like an empty nester.  

All this week we have been shopping, labeling everything and packing. I have known about this for a while but it didn't really register until last week. I am a combination of happy, proud and sad - he tells me don't worry Mom we have I-Phone Facetime so it will be just like I'm there. I can remember when I was his age going away for the summer to sleep away camps in Minnesota, North Carolina, Canada and even traveling to Spain for several summers. So I understand logically that this will be great for him but it doesn't mean I won't miss having him around. Oh well I still have one more year of him around until he goes off to a music conservatory far away.

My girlfriend is jealous, she says she wishes that her kids would go away for the summer. My friends have already started making plans for movies, spa day, dinners, etc. so I am sure that the summer will breeze right by and maybe I will put my ad back up and see if I can meet someone special...we'll see. This could be the summer of me - I like it!!


  1. While i feel your sadness, i see an opportunity to shift a little focus on yourself, so after the initial shock wears off, it will be time to do somethings you've been putting off.

    Perhaps there are things you have not experienced because your son has been there *shrugs*

    Either way, i am excited for the journey that this will create for you!!!


    kitten for Sir

  2. I don't have kids, but I can definitely feel your mixed emotions. Your big kiddo sounds like an amazing young man who will have a great summer, so yes, summer of you is in order I would say:)

  3. Sounds like an opportunity for you! Here's hoping for wonderful new experiences for both of you. abby

  4. Even blokes can feel that empty nest syndrome. It is a wrench but then new doors open, new opportunities rise and, wow, happy days are replaced by happy days :) Keep smiling

  5. Yep, a foretaste of a new life stage. Sending you good wishes... and looking forward to reading about it!


    PS You must be very proud of your son - how cool!!!

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes and encouraging words.
    I am very proud of him and happy he will have this experience. I am counting on your guys to keep me company while he's gone, lol!

  7. I know it will be difficult but you raised him with strong wings and there always comes the time when they want to try them out. We'll be happy to keep you company in his absence.