Where I'm supposed to be

After a weekend of work, getting me son packed up for a weekend away, spending the day with my mother, mothers day, unpacking my son, dealing with my daughter...needless to say I was in no way shape or form in a submissive mood when Monday rolled around. Not to mention Monday was busy also.

I hadn't spoken to him all weekend so he didn't know how I was feeling. We exchanged a few messages and later in the day we spoke on the phone and I knew I wasn't responding the way I should have. Left to my own devices without him I had built back up my wall and I was being a brat. Later he told me he had something for me to do. He wanted me to really think about the answer and give a detailed  response. I was to email him tonight the following. What makes your body ache with passion What is the fantasy you most want to fulfill. What really arouses you to the point of loosing it.

Well still being in the state of mind I was in, I groused at these questions. Even thought about not answering them until the next day. So I did a couple of things and I couldn't get the questions out of my mind (because that's how he works). Being the brat that I was, I decided to answer his questions with total honesty.

"Reading BDSM novels makes my body ache with passion.
There is nothing specific that arouses me so that I lose it. The thing that arouses me is when a man knows my body so well that he can read me and know even before I do what turns me on, how to hold back and how to move forward.
The only fantasy I have is to find someone permanent that possess all the qualities I am looking for, someone I can connect with mentally and physically.

Not the answers I am sure you are looking for, but they are honest." 
He wrote back these are fine, I wanted the truth. Which was followed up by a phone call telling me not to try to figure out what answers he was looking for or why he was asking, that I was to only tell the truth. He had broken through my defenses and he told me later that he loved pushing my body to the point where you can't think and submit to your body. The look on your face as you go into overload is beautiful as you let yourself cum over and over until I decide to stop.

So when he called this morning and had me on the bed cumming as he spoke to me, I knew he had gotten me back to where I was supposed to be.


  1. It is so wonderful that he is able to do that for you...Often when we are left to our own devices, we lose sight ... He brings that picture, that image of your needs to the forefront... and for that you are indeed very fortunate...

  2. Yes, I understand this feeling. I have been accused of "drifting" between our meetings but He is learning fast how best to bring me back. It is so fantastic when someone understands you well enough to be able to see when you are retreating, and knows how to reel you close again