Consensual but not so sane or safe

Training began with Daddy from the first moment we talked. I haven't written about it because the overwhelming emotion I feel is too much for me to put into words. Concentrating on his words, focusing on his tasks is all I can take on right now. So I will write about other things. 

First, thank you to everyone who wrote well wishes through blog & email. Where else could I explain and be accepted, that I had met a man who lives 4 hrs away and I have agreed to be his slave. Yeah that would go over real well at the dinner table.

Kitten wrote in the comments on my last post: "always remember, Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC)."

Which led to me remember my moment of stupidity and not practicing SSC. I am sure I am not the only one who has ever done something that when it was over you said to yourself…what the F was I thinking?

When I first began this journey, I had led a life of quiet desperation searching for something. Always being the good girl, daughter, sister, mother and friend. So when I started speaking with men who were into the lifestyle (or so they thought), I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I remember I had met a man who was really nice, not uber dominant but enough for me to be attracted to him, (boy has my taste changed since then, he was a baby compared to Daddy). Anyway I agreed to meet him here in town at a hotel. He was a traveling salesman so he usually stayed in hotels.

He asked me to arrive wearing a dress, heels and when I got to his door (a man I had never met) I was to put on a blindfold and knock. He had been watching to many movies and he tried to recreate 9&1/2 Weeks with everything from the feeding me fruit (which was sour) and eating whip cream off of me. His ended up to the be the bad version of the movie but I did have some fun and it was an experience for a submissive virgin.

That was my what the F were you thinking moment...what was yours?


  1. laughing... I've had more than one... but yours is a great one. It's amazing the things we do without getting killed, isn't it?


  2. lol...mine was laying naked on a hotel room bed with my ass in the air awaiting his spanking (we had never met either)

    I like your title..


  3. I know I am a little prone to "lost-in-the moment" type behaviour (otherwise known as "you bloody idiot" risk-taking) so when I have been meeting someone new I tell a girlfriend as much as I can about where I am likely to be. Failing all she has strict instructions to clear my desk drawer of "personal" belongings should I not turn up for work the next day!! Seriously my "adventures" have been pretty tame and hopefully all in the past, but the unknown feels so scary, doesn't it.

  4. Mine was not as a submissive, but as a teenager hitchhiking around Europe and being picked up by a French truck driver who began to play with himself. I said "what the fuck...?" and he answered in French, with what I thought was..."If you dont finish this off, (pointing to himself)you will have to get out". We were in the middle of nowhere, he got out I locked the doors and wouldn't let him back in!
    Eventually her got the message through to me that what he had said was "I have to get out to finish this off"....
    I learnt three valuable lessons: pay attention in French class, Don't hitchhike in the middle of the night and keep safe!

  5. Love it HS, well I mean the lessons you learned ;)

    For me, this was the, "we're idiots" night...