I was nervous at dinner and because he lives further away I had to pick the place and I hate that. On top of that because I knew we would be back at my house later, it was all I could think about. I remember that I didn't have much to say, I must have been a terrible companion and every time he touched me it made it worse. I remember thinking if he had reached down my shirt in the restaurant I would not have minded at bit, I just wanted him to touch me. After pulling up in front of the house he began to kiss me and we stayed in the car for a little while, I wasn't sure at what point to invite him in (I felt very awkward, it was laughable). Once we were inside he guided me or at least it seemed like it to he bedroom and I felt more relaxed (because I didn't feel like I was in control anymore).

He began kissing me and touching me through my clothes, pushing me to my knees (a place I love) in front of him. This is where things become more of an impression more than anything. I remember he told me to get on the bed, still in my clothes. He touched me everywhere, talking to me, telling me how beautiful I was. I don't remember how but my bra was unhooked, my skirt came off and eventually my lace panties. I remember it felt like his hands were everywhere touching me, like he was exploring my body. He teased me at times, not enough pressure to let me orgasm but enough to build me up. I remember some light tapping almost like he was seeing if a small amount of pain was good but never went further than that. He also did something to my nipples, a very small amount of brief pain but again never going any further.

What I do remember are the orgasms, I was a little out of it but I am sure there were somewhere between 15 to 20. Not those little ones, it was those big crashing ones over and over. Waiting in between and letting it build up again, leaving me with no choice but to just take them again and again because my body was craving them. Now having an orgasm with someone who I am not in love with is extremely unusual for me so having so many is like having found gold. At one point he asked me if I wanted to see his cock and nodded yes greedily. He told me to go ahead and take it out, I had already felt how hard it was and I could tell it was a good size. I wasn't disappointed! Plus it tasted wonderful but he didn't allow me to spend enough time because he kept bringing me to orgasm and my attention kept getting lost.

Afterwards (and I never asked him or told him I needed this) he held me, calming me down and letting me come back. I could have easily curled up and fell asleep next to him. When we were done and I was walking to the door, we were kissing goodnight and I don't know what happened. He kissed me passionately and then pushed me to my knees, his cock was out and ready for my lips. I sucked on it but then he pulled me away and led me to the office chair. I sucked on it again and then I was told to show him my pussy. I leaned back and spread myself, touching my pussy and rubbing my nipple. Time went by and then somehow my shirt was lifted and he came on my breasts. Here is where the Gentleman Dom comes in, he pulls out a handkerchief from his back pocket and cleans me off (all I could do was giggle), he was so damn sexy at that momemnt.

He left after that and I fell asleep like a baby, the slut in me wanting more.


  1. Oh so nice! HE sounds like my kind of man! Good for him...and for you! :)


  2. Very nice,,what a gent.............15 or 20 wow

  3. ooooooooooo...
    Sounds completely... well... fucking awesome!

  4. Got to love a prepared Dom with a hankie! Hot!!

  5. Trying not to be jealous... aisha