I have a friend whom I have known since middle school and we have stayed friends ever since. We haven't always lived in the same state but we've always kept in touch. Right now she lives about an hour away, so today we made plans to meet in the middle - Palm Beach (full of high society families). We met at an outdoor shopping area with restaurants and lots of people milling around, its one of our favorite spots. I should also mention when we left there she wanted to visit an Asian market which ended up being in a city that has the highest crime rate in the county, (as we were told by a Police Officer we stopped on the street to ask why there were so many cops around this area)  talk about expanding your horizons.

I decided to arrive an hour early to enjoy the peace of sitting outside and just relaxing with a good book. My books are now on my Kindle, which if you opened it you would see some very respectable novels by authors I enjoy - James Patterson, Carl Hiassen, Michael J. Fox, etc. but if you look further there is a file marked Butterfly. This is where I keep all the bdsm novels I get from Amazon. I used to have to order the books and wait for them to arrive, now I just hit a key and there they are ready to go and best of all nobody knows.

The ones I read are probably the equivalent of a Harlequin Romance, there is always romance but with a twist - of course. I am all wrapped up in Cherise Sinclair's Master of the Shadowlands, every time I finish one it seems there is another in the series, I can't get enough of them. Now I come by reading honestly, when I was younger I would ride my bike to the library and come home with 20 books at a time (some of them Harlequins - I guess thinking about it I started at young age). So here I am sitting at a cafe waiting for my friend, sipping some ice tea from Starbucks and reading my kindle. She arrives, we go in and order lunch and she's staring at me. I asked her what's wrong, she tells me that my pupils are dilated and it looks like I was a little high or drunk. Now of course she doesn't know about me, so I can't tell her what I was reading. At first I felt a little exposed and very quickly I said jokingly yes I smoked a little before we met. She laughed, forgetting all about it and I smiled at my secret.

So am I that easy to read or just easy....or a little of both, LOL.


  1. Yes, Sinclaire's book have that same effect on me. I killed a vibe on The Dom's Dungeon. Hard to read in public!

  2. LOL butterfly, but at least dilated pupils are a little easier to disguise than my infliction. xxx

  3. How very true Clive, lol!
    I just can't get enough of Sinclair, she needs to write more to feed my addiction.

  4. I'm easy to read too. No comment on the other easy.