One of the things I love about writing this blog is seeing who is reading it. No I don't have your addresses and but I do get to see what city, state & country you are from. I am always fascinated by the different countries that show up. I recently read Sexual Dynamics: Memoirs of a Discerning Dom's Blog about geography and how he had readers in all 5 continents, that is pretty cool.

For me Canada is right behind the US with the most hits. The short foreign list for includes Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, etc. and  when I get up in the morning I see others like Saudi Arabia, Brunei and other countries you wouldn't expect.
Then I look at the different states Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Washington, California, Kentucky, etc and out of all of the states Minnesota ranks #2 in the most hits.
But most of my hits come from right here in Florida. Orlando, Port St Lucie, Jacksonville, Delray Bch, Boca Raton, Fort Myers, etc. Which always makes me wonder a little...like have I ever seen this person? Did I ride up the elevator with them or pass them in the mall? Maybe we should have a secret signal followed by a secret hand shake.

Very recently I took a tip from Dominants Desire where talked about having a stalker  and how he used the Toolator to block that person. So I thought why not use on my ex.  He had already told me he didn't read my self absorbed blog anymore, yet every few days there he was. So I used this wonderful little tool and now when he logs on to my site he is re-routed to stalker.com. Hey, it makes me laugh just wondering what he thought the first time it happened.

Its fascinating to thing that this big world is smaller than we think.


  1. interesting, but i still looking around to see how to figure it out. anyway, hi from Hong Kong :)

  2. ;-) lol. i like this feature, too.

  3. Wow, you can see all that? I can only figure out how to see the countries, not the states or anything like that.... I'd be lucky to have a stalker ;) j/k

  4. hi sbf

    i too be amazed at who reads my blog, but somehow i dont think i will need the stalker toolkit...lol

    blossom xx