Feet First

Histoy writes about the Thrill of the Ride and how your mind races at the thrill of the ride. That rush you get when you first meet someone hoping and praying that this is the one. The one who will make you feel complete and accept you the way you are.

That rush of submitting to someone you have feelings for is like no other. Sometimes you tread lightly, sometimes you rush in with your eyes closed, breaking all your own rules. Hoping and praying that this is the one. Not thinking about anything else but that joy of submitting and being dominated....what a high!

"Because we get drunk on our submission. We lose perspective. And some of us end up hypnotized into wanting something we really don't want."
Submission & metaphor

I got plastered and forgot who I was and what I wanted for myself and it felt good at the time but then reality hit hard. I needed to be true to who I was deep in my heart, a submissive woman.

Each time you fall down, you sit up, learning something new about yourself that you didn't know. Wondering if you should protect your heart better or take it slower next time, sometimes it all gets forgotten in the moment.

Instead you dust your wings off...no damage done and run right back in to the fire head first.

Would I do it again...in a heart beat
Will I open myself up...damn right
Did I learn something new about myself...absolutely

This is me...sitting up....a little dazed....but getting back up stronger, determined to try again and heading in feet first...with no regrets.

A wise woman once said...Patience is a virtue...so lets not dwell on this with hugs and well wishes, its all good in the hood.


  1. Taking risks is the only way to find your way to something really worthwhile and knowing who you are and what you really want means any intoxication will only be temporary. Here's to tomorrow ...

  2. Yes holding on to who we are, not losing perspective, can be very difficult at times, but those times that we do lose it, also brings growth, a clearer definition of who we are and what we need... so it is not a bad thing, to let go, to jump into the fire... what is important, is the lesson we return with!

  3. Absolutely, SBF - rise from the knocks, learn, jump in again feet first but wiser, but never stop And, above all, keep smiling :)

  4. No hugs or well wishes promise:) great insights ..

  5. "Would I do it again...in a heart beat
    Will I open myself up...damn right
    Did I learn something new about myself...absolutely

    Then that seems fine. Some of the things that hurt me most - I have no regrets about and would do again tomorrow.

    You learn through doing.

    So - do!

    P xx

  6. Hey, I been on that ride enough times myself - i totally get it.

    No Hugs,