Today was a normal work day for me, seeing clients & taking care of personal errands. The only difference was throughout the day I had flash backs of the night before. Remembering small details of a touch or a feeling. The way he grabbed my hair and looked into my eyes. My neck still tender from his mouth, the throbbing of my clit needing to be touched again soon before I burst. Each detail I remembered triggered an electric current that went through my body to my pussy or nipples. I walked through the day feeling foggy all day, functioning but my body and mind still belonged to him.

Texting & talking with him during the day only heightened the feeling. "P" asking me how my day was and then telling me he liked the way I responded to him, made my pussy throb. I am left conflicted between wanting a release of the throbbing or keeping that floating feeling until I see him again.

My mind wanders to how it might be with restraints and pain from him. Although last night once he took my hand and led me into the bedroom, I became so submissive I didn't even recognize myself. No restraints were needed because when he told me to get on my knees or on the bed I wouldn't have moved from position without him telling me. The feeling of having someone who understands what I need makes me content in my life. Then  sometimes my mind wonders if it is possible to be too submissive? Even though it something I need I worry that maybe that I am supposed to do more than just take orders...always in the back of my mind but definately a topic for another time.

Tomorrow we are going to dinner again, he told me this time he would choose the restaurant (taking away that stress makes me so happy I could purr).


  1. It is so nice to hear you sounding so happy!
    And yes it is so much more than "just taking orders", that fire inside that just ignites at the thought of him....
    Ya know? : )

  2. Its wonderful when you feel that feeling begin to take over, enjoy your evening.

  3. O, i remember those days... vaguely. Laughing... I'm so glad for you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.