Gentleman Dom

I didn't have high hopes for this weekend. I had been talking to a couple of guys and for one reason or another it just didn't work out. So when I found myself out tonight I was quite surprised and if you drove by Starbucks, yes that was me getting fingered in the parking lot - with the car door open.

Let me start from the beginning, 3 days ago I started communicating with "P". A British business man who lives about 45 minutes away and has been living here for about 18 months. He travels all over the world for business but one of his home bases is here, lucky for me. He was a gentleman from the beginning, loved my picture and really wanted to get together for coffee or a meal, which ever I felt more comfortable with. So we spoke on the phone and the conversation was awkward. I felt like he was a flake and that he saw me more as a curiosity as a submissive woman, also that he didn't seem very dominant. I knew he would be calling me this afternoon to make plans and I had already decided to cancel. When the call came in, I took a deep breath and told him that I just didn't feel the chemistry. Not to long after the blow off, he text me to asked if I would reconsider. I thought about what to say and decided just to go with the truth.

Yes that's right I wrote back and told him exactly what I thought (except the flake part, that would have been rude). He wrote back again and said that he was totally dominant and that he didn't make it obvious because it usually scares people off. Then he said don't miss out on what could be a really great opportunity. The part he wrote about scaring people off, well I knew exactly what that felt like. Like the time I came out to a man I was seeing and he dumped me immediately, so I could relate to what he said. So I gave in and we made a date to meet a Starbucks. We arrived at the same time, he looked exactly like his picture and he had a great smile. He bought me a chi-latte and we talked, it was hard to get a read on him in the beginning but when he insisted on taking me to dinner I felt better about him.

We had a lovely dinner at Bonefish Grill and just talked about everything. It was very refreshing to sit down with a man and not have to go through a list of what I like and don't like, what I will and won't do. After dinner we were in my car steaming up the windows, that should have been my first clue. We made out like teenagers, kissing and groping each other, the only touching went on over jeans, but my breast did make an appearance. He asked me if I wanted him to touch me and I said no, because if you ask I will always say no (in the begininng). After we were done (dripping in sweat) I went to start the car and nothing! It wouldn't start, the battery had died. So I called roadside service and I told him he didn't have to wait with me but he stayed until my car was going again.

While we were waiting he started with the making out again, only this time my door was open. He pulled my hair, sucked on my neck, took my nipple in his mouth and the man could kiss. But this time he didn't ask he just unzipped my pants and put his hand down my pants. My pussy was absolutely dripping and his finger slid right down and in. OMG I can still feel his finger, it felt so freaking good - the man has skills. Well as I was enjoying having his finger inside me, with all to see if you went by my car, the phone rang - it was the tow truck driver. "P" went and flagged him down, made sure I was all set and he tipped the guy. I have to say he is a real gentleman, of the best kind and even called to make sure I arrived home safely.

I am so glad he pushed back when I said no to our date and I'm glad he pushed back when I said no to having his hand where I wanted it all along. If there is such a thing as gentleman dom, he would be it.


  1. ooooh he sounds wonderful... Isn't it exciting when they sincerely care? Looking forward to hearing more about this one....

  2. How exciting...and with the door open too!

  3. Sweet - and of course there's such a thing as a gentleman dom! If it doesn't go anywhere with you two, you might ask him if he has a base here in Where-i-Live... laughing...


  4. Lucky lucky girl! Sometimes we need someone who is a little persistant.

  5. wow sbf great post i could feel the intenseness of it all, im with aisha, id like to know if he has a base where i live

    blossom xx