Good Girl

I was told to call when I was ready to go to sleep. Slipping into bed naked I picked up the phone to say good night. I was told to pinch my nipple as hard I could and not let go. He asked me if I was wet, I blushed and said yes. "P" told me to slip my finger into my pussy to see how wet, very wet. Keep pinching and rubbing your pussy just the way I would do it and let me know when you are ready to cum. He told me he likes when I make a mess, that makes me blush even deeper. After he let me cum, I am told to keep my hands above the covers. Which makes me giggle because I had never taken my hands away and I was still touching myself, but before I could even think I quickly move them away (before he sees through the phone). "P" tells me that I am to have sweet dreams and when I wake up I am to text him first, to let him know I am thinking of him.

Afterwards I fell into a heavy sleep, the sleep of feeling safe and content. When I woke up I sent my text and received a "Good Morning, Good Girl. Hope you slept well, looking forward to seeing you later, mmm P".  Now I am back to being in that constant state of arousal I was in yesterday.

Enjoying the moment...


  1. Lovely. It almost makes being apart sound like a good thing!

  2. I like his sign-off "mmm"


  3. It is just so lovely.