Sneaky D

The first couple of times he wrote me and offered to be my friend, guide me. I thanked him and declined, the only reason I am on there is to meet D's for a specific reason. The emails didn't stop and he signed them all "huggs", all I could say was who does that, it seemed very effeminate. I answered back with short answers and he kept writing, everyday.

At this point I should mention that I am a little grumpy today. So when the daily morning email came, I got annoyed and suspicious. So I put on my D panties (the lacy red ones) and asked him very bluntly "what do you want from me?" He said he would leave me alone if I wanted, that he was only being friendly. 

The one thing he did have going for him is that he writes well and the tone of the email calmed me down, realizing he was being gracious and I was being...well not friendly. So I said ok if it is friendship you want then tell me about yourself. We exchanged emails throughout the day and by the afternoon he had me telling him what I like and don't like. He praised me, encouraged me and made me wet. I am sitting there feeling that he had stripped me down and I was naked at work. It was kind of sneaky the way he did it and I didn't even realize it was happening until I was sitting at work gushing.

I don't anticipate ever meeting him, today was just a diversion... a little online fun had by all.


  1. And you just never know... have some fun ! No expectations outside the moment...

  2. Dom and extremely smooth. . . enjoy the ride!

  3. Yeah, that's nice, when that happens. I always think it's like a piece of life carved out, that stands alone, but supports the rest of it in some way.

    And who knows?