Still alive

My fellow blogger (histoy) just emailed me to find out if I was alive, since I hadn't posted in 5 days. Yes I am still here, laying low after my little fiasco a couple of weeks ago - licking my wounds so to speak. Wondering if I was going to stay hidden or start all over again. Well she told me I should un-hide my profile, so I did (she is my cheerleader) because after years of looking she seems to have found happiness which means there is hope to hold on to. I am so very happy for her, she deserves the best and I will beat him up if he hurts her.

So I un-hid my CM profile and I also decided to place another ad, because I usually get a good response and I was right. I have a couple of prospects that are promising, but not enough to mention by name yet. I am trying to be an adult and not just jump right in like I always do, I am showing restraint. LOL ok I'm trying.

I did get the usual nonsense responses that gave me a good laugh:

One guy, who has emailed me in the past but I didn't remember him immediately (he was really insulted that I forgot him), but after I saw his picture I remember why I turned him away because he was in his 30's and I prefer mature men. Well when I reminded politely declined again he wrote this to me (bad grammar and all) :

"stop with this young shit, why cant woman like your learn!!!  first you didn't send me a pic, and second you will love me.  what your looking for i can provide.  so you wil take a older man that is not doig what you want because he is older.  that i so stupid, and all these old guys are just using you.  its 2011 act like it honey.  send your pic over, and lets chat!" 
I don't think I need to make any comments, he said it all.

Another guy who I had actually met for coffee, had plans to go out with and he ended up canceling, sent me an email asking if we could give it another try. Because he still hadn't found anyone and obviously I hadn't either. Well that's as good as any other reason to go out with him again, NOT. I was polite and told him there must have been a reason it didn't work out before and I politely declined. He wrote back that I must have a crystal ball because he can't see into the future. I still don't know what that means??

Oh and then one guy wrote : "ME - SWM, 42, professional, athletic, well traveled, fun, funny, new to the area, Dom, 7"+ with girth & incredible stamina, and searching one fun sub who I can take out for drinks, dinner, etc, but then take home and do very naughty things with. Intrigued?"

My favorite has to be: "Send pic’s, Ill let you know. JACK" 

If nothing else I am always highly amused by some of the responses and oh the dick pictures, yes nothings says I want a relationship with you, like a picture of a man's dick.

So I am still alive and I am putting myself out there again to see what happens.


  1. Sigh...

    Good luck, good luck, good luck.

    I have hidden my profile again, I have sorting to do, and they wear me out.



  2. Oh honey. I am glad you're alive.

    Restraint is good. (if you can manage it, says the queen of impulse) You'll find him.


  3. IT always make me laugh at what guys send women on those sites. And it really amazes me that they act that way and think it is really going to get them somewhere. Some will just never learn I guess. Wishing you luck! I had been sending all my good vibes at Histoy for her search, but since she doesn't need them anymore, they are all flowing in your direction. :)


  4. good to hear you are alive and well, keep looking, there is a Dom with your name on him somewhere.

  5. Glad you are back...I was definitely missing your sweet,sassy side...:)

  6. Ah, men when they are courting... who can resist them?

  7. Aisha they do know how to wear me out so its nice to take a break every now and then.

    klm I am working on my control, I let myself fall so easily that I don't even see what's right in front of me. A work in progress.

    Thank you hiddenslave, I need all the positive thoughts I can get.

    davefan I didn't realize I was sassy, but I like that description. I also checked your blog but haven't seen a posting in a while??

    Sin I am just laughing.

    DV I appreciate your good thoughts. You did such wonders for histoy that I will definately take your flow my way.


  8. Damn it, made me snot my computer screen! i love your sense of humor...i laughed so hard at this post!

    Seriously wait...i can't be serious (you should be a BDSM comedian!)

    This post is absolutely adorable and, are you dearest butterfly!

    Never give up hope that one day, the Dom of your dreams will thank His lucky stars for finding you, the sub of His dreams!

    AND, so many people enjoy your blogging and look forward to them and care about you and knowing you are good...i am definitely a big fan!

    To my BDSM sister: i love you!

    --kitten for Sir

  9. Oh it is good to know you are still there and OK. Good luck - and be choosy :) Hugs Clive

  10. good luck...don't give up! I am proof of that! abby