Feminine Power

The other day the light came on in my car for low tire pressure. I went to the gas station to fill up but I wasn't sure what the pressure should be and I couldn't find my tire gauge, so I kept driving. I contemplated on what to do and decided to go back to where I bought the tires. The man behind the counter was only to willing to help me fill up my tires, gave me a lesson on how full they should be and even went to his truck and gave me a tire gauge. He was all smiles and was very helpful, even a little flirtatious.

Home Depot was my next stop, the kids bathroom toilet had stopped running. Again the man at HD was only to glad to assist me (both times) and even demonstrate how to repair the part. His approach was more of a fatherly one. I can think of a hundred other examples and I know that they were just doing there job but its times like that when I realize my femininity. Both times I flashed my biggest smile combined with some vulnerability and they were happy to help. I was very grateful for their assistance and I made sure to let them know.

The first time I can remember realizing that I had an effect on men was when I was a teenager. I was over in Europe for the summer and I remember we were going to the American Club. The young men who worked there would look at me, I was wearing a yellow sun dress and a wedge heel with straps that tied around my ankle. Just the way they wanted my attention made me realize that I had a special power. Even my daughter in her young teenage years realized she had it. One day she was going somewhere (I can't remember exactly) and I said to her, just flash a smile and they will help you. She said Mom don't worry I am really good at that.

Now some might say you shouldn't play dumb and you shouldn't teach your daughter to either. I say use what you have and I have always used my power for good and not to take advantage of someone. Could I have figured out both problems by myself, sure no doubt in my mind. But, it probably would have taken me twice as long because it would have been a trial and error process. Since I already know I can't do it all myself so why not ask for help and at the same time make the person helping you feel good, men like to impress women. 

I am grateful when a man treats me like a princess...opens doors, order my food, helps me with my coat, brings me flowers or presents, fixes something around the house, etc. Being happy is second nature to me, I love to laugh and I would rather have a smile on my face then a frown. I love being a female, soft and vulnerable. All of these combined is me, so its not like I am faking it with them, sometimes I am just more aware of my feminine power.


  1. Yes, nice to be treated like a princess.


  2. Sure is. I like how you describe this SBF.

  3. I'm with you on this! I love being able to use my femininity to get things done. One of my favorite hobbies is flirting... I do it with both men and women. If I happen to get things done because of that.... then yay for me! Keep it up!


  4. Yes, of course you're right, and I do it too.



  5. ARGH!!! Those damn sweet smiles, big eyes, and batting eyelashes. It's like sticking a probe in our brain and sucking out what you need at the moment. LMAO! We men can be suckers for that. But yes, you deserve to be treated like a princess...at least until you give us reason to do otherwise. ;) And we men are aware of your wiley tactics, but we like to help anyway. It pumps up our egos.


  6. Ahhhh yes, the power and the feeling that comes with it when used successfully :) Now, i agree that is can be delicious, but also that there are those that use it inappropriately, so it is something that needs to be kept in check for sure...

    But ahh, the feeling when you have said nothing, but a look in your eyes, the flutter of the eyelashes, the smile and blush to the cheeks that drives others crazy is just that: delicious!

    The one thing i love about you, sweet butterfly, is your knowing yourself. The example of being a whole woman you set is one which others, my self included, can learn from and i thank you for sharing 'it' with U/us.


    In good health,

    --kitten for Sir

  7. Thank you Florida Dom, K, SBS & Aisha (who is trying to kill me with the never ending story on her blog, lol).

    DV I love that description of a probe, feels like an espisode of Star Trek, :)
    I/we are quite well aware you men know exactly what we are doing, makes it that much more exciting.

    Kitten for Sir I promise to use my powers for good :) and save the deliciousness for the man in my life.

  8. The world revolves around us knowing what we are good at and making ourselves, and others, happy by using it. That can never be bad. Alice x