Follow up

I had too much to say so I replying to comments from the Dating posting:

Strongbutsubmissive - I am sure that girls F it up all the time, heaven knows I've heard plenty of stories from men. Yes CM is Collar Me as Kitten for Sir stated, there was a time not to long ago when I didn't know the initials either. I am always being educated on something new with TTWD (things that we do).

Kitten for Sir - I am going to look for Conquer Me, I am always looking for a good read. Thank goodness I have a Kindle otherwise people would think I need to join Erotica Anonymous, lol. As for making you wet, sorry I can't help you until August and even then I have to start the hunt all over again. I am using July as a cleanse of sorts and I am really trying to stick to being disciplined. But if you go over to Aisha's page she has a great story going that I am pretty sure she is trying to very slowly kill me with anticipation.

Sl & his kitty - I always ask men friends if they know why men send those pictures and they just think with their :- so they just can't help themselves. Thankfully there are also a lot of good guys out there who realize that their words are far more effective than a dic pic.

Alice - that had to be some one liner :)

Clive - I agree both sexes have equal opportunity to F it up.

Being Aisha - I wish I could write my fantasies or the stories like you and Nilla, but alas I am not gifted with that talent. I remember when I was dating a vanilla guy and he used to travel, so I would write him stories to read at night when he was on the road. I bought a book called Naughty Stories from A to Z, copied them and sent it to him. He loved them but my point is that I suck at telling stories. Its OK, just like backing into a parking space (which is usually crooked) I have learned to own my foibles.

I read a terrific posting today over at A Dauntless Journey about giggles in the bedroom, which by now I am sure you have all read. I recounted a bra incident I had last month where it just wouldn't come off. We both laughed about it and I felt a great sense of intimacy with him.

On the other side I had an experience a while ago where a man told me that he didn't appreciate my laughing when something had happened. When someone tells me to stop laughing, I don't react well. My walls go up and doubts about the person fill my head and that could mean anyone I meet in life.

Of course I don't laugh at inappropriate times but laughing & giggling is a part of who I am. Most of the time when I am writing or reading a posting I am usually laughing out loud, which gets me a lot of looks & questions from people around me at the time. One guy at work just says I don't even want to know (I think he's afraid of what I might tell him).


  1. Yeah, I always hear that guys on CM tend to be jerks who will get mad over the smallest thing and block you. It's like, "Really? Immature." I hope you do find someone worthwhile on there though. There have to be some! :)

  2. Thanks for the reply.... I really appreciate you being willing to explain without making me feel dumber than I already do! I love your blog, and can picture you giggling at your desk!


  3. As you know from your friends experience>>> (namely me) you really can find love on CM, never thought those words would be spewing from my lips but eh ...ya just never know! keep the faith my friend, he is out there, and who knows your paths may have already crossed once or even twice before! Always stay positive and keep your eyes open and on the prize!

  4. Thanks for referencing my post and I'm glad you enjoyed it. As with anything, there is a time and place, the mood, the situation, etc... for the laughing and cutting up. My point is things happen...funny things. You can't always be serious. You have to learn to laugh at things that come your way. Laughter keeps us all in a better mood. Those that are too serious all the time, are much less happy in general I believe.

    Keep smiling, keep laughing, and by all means, enjoy yourself in whatever you do.


  5. Wow being told no to laugh would be hard for me too. I am a bigtime giggler.