Hard Work

This 4th of July I took on the task of watching...the ocean (from the pool, under the umbrella).
It was hard work but somebody had to do it, that's just the kind of person I am, selfless.

I had a great day with my childhood friend, we spent the day sitting by the pool enjoying the ocean breeze. I always feel great when I am with my girlfriends, they always renew my energy. We went to dinner and then over to another friends house to watch some fireworks. We gabbed about how hard it was to meet eligible men, especially here in South FL where its very transient and self absorbed.

One of them suggested that the best men would be from places like Oregon, Nebraska, Maine (plus a few others). They would be from large families with 8 or 9 siblings and know the meaning of commitment. Both of my friends are vanilla and they both know I prefer a dominant man. These men would enjoy camping, hiking and boating (for my one friend). The other wants a man who is successful and loves to travel. Then we joked about going on a road trip to meet all these wonderful guys but I told them it would have to wait until after my self imposed no dating policy for the month of July. But after that maybe we'll rent a big bus and wrap it with an ad that says - we're on the road in search of good eligible men to date - if you know any call 1-800...lol!

On the way home my friend asked me what kind of man I was looking for...a dominant first and fore most, appreciates my need to be submissive and nurturing,cherishes me, very sexual & enjoys the occasional public displays of affection, includes me in discussions but then makes the final decision, confident, successful, makes me laugh and has a good sense of humor, teaches me, enjoys the finer things as well as the everyday, kind, honest, passionate, loves his family, educated and on the same social level, loves me for who I am today...these were the things I threw out when put on the spot.

To round off this wonderful day I treated myself to the Hitachi for dessert. OK, I know its only day 2 of my vanilla blog and I can't even keep it clean, what can I say its a work in progress.

All in all it was a terrific day!

**Please note absolutely no heavy lifting or cleaning was involved in the making of this relaxing day**


  1. Sounds absolutely PERFECT!!! Glad you're working hard at not working hard... enjoy! You deserve it!

  2. You know, it sounds like a pretty good day.



  3. Wow, what a beautiful view! Good luck on Your man search. From reading Your blog, it seems to me as though Your only trouble will be picking between the many suitors :).

    -Her toy