One of the things I enjoy about being home without anyone (kids and their friends) else in the house, everything is just like I left it when I went to work. Usually when I get home from work depending who's been at home, the kitchen looks like there was a party. You weren't invited to participate in this party you were just left with the clean up, that is if you want to be able to make dinner. So when I get home and the counters are clean its a small pleasure that I will enjoy for the next couple of weeks. Its the little things in life.

So a former lover contacted me today and asked if I wanted to participate in a group session with him. He said he would feel comfortable with me, all my limits would be respected and I would be protected. Two things wrong with this, well three...1. we are just friends and not lovers any longer 2. I don't and have never participated in any group activities, just not my thing 3. I am taking a break .

Here's where it gets better, as if announcing that I won't be dating is like a beacon of sexual attraction. I have been put on a medication with hormones and apparently there are two side effects. First my energy level will go up, that is great because I am also increasing my exercise routine - so that's terrific! Second my sexual level will go up, WHAT? The increase of hormones is going to make me even hornier. Now I am pretty good right now so I am not sure what to expect in the next week. The only thing I can think is that it will be like when I was pregnant, always wanting sex.

So here I am 6 days into the month of taking a break (even though the universe seems to have other ideas) and I am about to go into overdrive sexually - GREAT :)

Welcome to my ironic life...

PS I was reading a comment by Florida Dom on Sin's blog, where he mentions he hates the word verification. Well I do to, so I have removed it from my blog and we'll see what happens. I also removed the page where it tells you this is adult content - gone!


  1. Just go with the flow.... Sometimes the universe has other plans for us than those we make for ourselves ... just always keep your eyes open!
    Good luck my friend...

  2. Life is full of little ironic twists.

  3. Laughing... that's the way it goes, isn't it?