That sexual arousal that I was supposed to start feeling kicked in and now I feel like I'm high all day long thinking about it him touching me. I wrote the other day about "his hands" on Florida Dom's blog. He had read Velvet's post about her masters hands and asked others to talk about "his hands". He wanted thoughts about how he uses them to play with you.

The first thing that came to mind was that night in the car. How he unzipped my jeans and slipped his hand, down. He grabbed my hair so that I would look into his eyes as he felt how wet I was for him, now its all I can think about. I totally blame this on FD for asking the question, lol!

OK, not really its the stuff I am taking that has kicked me into a sexual overdrive. It doesn't help that every morning I log on to see what everyone else is writing (because we all know I'm not getting any). It also doesn't help that I read at least half a book every damn day on top of it. Today's was a little unusual for my taste but came in as a bundle with two other titles, it was about wolves. The dominant & the sub were both wolves and they discovered that they were mates. The details really aren't important, just know it was like any other book I read, lots of and lots of dominating and submission.

Taking care of it myself is not helping, its just not the same. Not to mention as soon I'm done the feeling is back again. I sure hope I can get this under control before I start dating because humping some strange guys leg is not exactly the way I pictured myself.


  1. LOL - somehow, i can relate to the image of humping some guy's leg. No, probably not our best plan, but still... it could happen.



  2. i feel for you, deary..hang in there, that leg will one day soon be a real live cock and you will explode into a puddle of butterfly juice! *giggles*

    Seriously, hang in there...the cycle of life will not let things remain the same *wink*

    Wishing the leg becomes a cock real soon (lol),

    --kitten for Sir

  3. LOL humping some guys leg - that sounds just like my delinquent Labrador (a bitch) who fancies the postman!!

    Deep breaths sbf. As kitten says, it will happen soon enough. What is your postman like? :)

  4. Aisha, yes it could happen at the wrong time,lol

    Kitten for Sir, I am not impatient just a little sexually aroused.

    Clive, I think our postperson is a woman :)

  5. I know the feeling about 'taking care of yourself' not helping. I can't seem to get there the same way I do with a partner. It drives me crazy sometimes.