Back in June (the middle) I received a message from a profile I had on OK Cupid. I put it up a few months ago but never made mention of being submissive other than two words. I wrote I was looking for someone who knew how to take control and make me laugh. Now to a vanilla guy this would probably mean someone who is in charge but not in the D sense. The message I received was simple but I really didn't give it much credence because I assumed he was vanilla, so I wrote back tell me more about yourself. I am not sure what happened but I am going to go out on a limb and say I just deleted his next message. OK Cupid sent me a notice to let me know it was in my box, but I just deleted it without even reading it. Anyway a month later I received another short message and this one I opened, I realized what had happened and wrote back and told him I never got the message but thank you and I was taking off from dating, give me a shout in August. He wrote back and joked about how it must have been a tough month. The following week I wrote back because I was bored and he caught me at a giving time. I talked about how difficult it was to find chemistry and we started back and forth from there. This went on for a couple of days and then it went over to Yahoo Message for a few days. The message thing turned out to be us leaving messages for each other because after the first time we used it we were never on at the same time.

My first question to him was how did he know I was submissive, he had mentioned it in his original messages last month but I didn't catch it right away. He said he looked for certain things in my profile, I still really don't know how he found me out. Anyway we messaged back and forth, now even though the month hasn't ended this TECHNICALLY isn't part of this month, since it started last month. I love my logic.

Our conversation today was the usual D/s stuff, it started out quite innocently enough. We talked about regular stuff and then it moved very slowly into the other. When were done he had me all flushed and wet, but then again I am easy. The conversation moved to the phone and again it started off slow and moved into questions about my past relationships. Very detailed questions and some that even made me feel uncomfortable about sharing, he wanted to know what others had liked about me. We talked about the lifestyle and how open and honest it is compared to most vanilla relationships, one thing we both like. Which answered the blog question I asked the other day but I am still working on the physical relationship question. But like most said you don't know until you are in the situation and slow is good when you are getting to know someone.

He also questioned me about details of my past and asked some very intimate things that I probably have never shared with others. Something he said made me realize that my one relationship didn't have the structure I wanted that I had pushed boundaries but nothing was ever done, there were no consequences. I enjoyed out talk but that's as much as I will say until we meet in person.

I did have a guy who I had spoken to last month write me again asking if we could talk again, I said we had already talked and there was no chemistry there (at least on my side). I also put my CM profile back up, nothing really interesting there but I am starting to dip my foot back in the dating waters.

PS freaken blogspot is highlighting my words and I can't get it off, grrr.


  1. I just took my profile off CM... seem to have found a local guy with lots of promise! I look forward to reading more about this new guy, who is clearly able to read between the lines! You deserve nothing but happiness!!!


  2. I'm sure you will find who you are looking for eventually -- better yet, maybe he will find you!


  3. lol -- OKC is loaded with Doms -- weird

    that's where I met the ex


  4. Sounds verrrrry interesting... feeling good vibes. Enjoy.


  5. Crossing fingers... I have missed your dating follies! Thank God August is almost here.... Can't wait to see where this leads!

  6. SBS good luck with the new guy, I like local.

    Babygirl & Aisha thanks for the positive thoughts.

    SFP I am pretty sure you were the reason I put up my profile on there in the first place, lol

    Histoy I don't think I like that word "follies" can't we say adventures instead. The other way makes it seem like a circus lol

  7. lol sbf, isn't dating always a circus?
    I like your logic ;)
    It sounds like August will be a good time. Lots of luck and fun xo

  8. lol I thought the highlighting was significant somehow and I didn't understand how. =P

    Interesting that he knew you were submissive. My OKC profile has a couple hints as well and I have had a couple guys get it from the start but most of course don't.

    Hope things work out =)

  9. i love your logic, seems perfect. i hope august is a great adventure.

  10. Nadia yes but more like a 3 ring.

    Giggling bunny yes most are clueless.

    Greengirl fingers crossed for August.