Emotions ran high for me today for various reasons, which are only important to me. But they left me feeling vulnerable and empty because I don't have him in my life. I don't know who he is yet but one day I will...he will be there on days like today and I will show my gratitude everyday that he is in my life.  

Today was the day I missed having him, to...
kneel before him 
hold me close
feel safe under his protection
feel his lips against mine
look into his eyes
feel his skin against mine
feel intoxicated by his touch
feel my breath catch as he grabs my hair
taste him on my lips
run my fingers through his hair
inhale his intoxicating scent
feel the strength of his hands
surrender to him
feel him take what is his
know he cares for me as I do for him
just be near him
just know that he is in my life

This is why I write, so that I can let out all the emotions of the day and get on with my life, this and dark chocolate :)
**just tried a new chocolate - dove with rasberry swirl - YUMMY


  1. Beautiful post. You really captured the longing - I'm kinda familiar with it too...



  2. I feel like you read my mind. I've been feeling really distant this past week... and your words describe it to the letter! Thanks, and hugs.


  3. A lovely post sbf, you definitely know how to let your emotions flow.

    blossom xx