Want & Deserve

I am a woman who is submissive who leads with her heart, when I meet a man who possesses the qualities I want, has the same goals as myself and I am attracted to him, I fall fast. I don't just fall for looks, there has to be more to him - honesty, character, caring and warmth. I fall for the way he looks at me or should I say right through me. I am captivated by his eyes, his touch and his words. I can feel he is attracted to my submissiveness because he is dominant. Like an intoxicating drug we are drawn together for the need both crave.

After all the drowsiness of the first attraction clears and real life invades, this is the critical time. The time when I want to be able to put my trust in this man and be able to give myself over to him completeley. This the real test of a relationship when those things that get in the way of happiness show up - kids, work, family, bills, previous relationships, death, stress, etc.

Things that either make you work harder to be together or things you let break your relationship. In the end I just want to know that the man I am falling in love with, the man I want to submit to, will move heaven and earth to be with me, regardless of the extraneous things that interfere. I know he may falter sometimes because he is human but ultimately his actions will show me how much I mean to him and how much he values our relationship.

As I begin to put myself out there again, I hope I always remember what I want and deserve.


  1. Yup..the true test of character, the true test of a relationship, D/s or not, how it handles real life stuff.

    Happy end of July, I hope you enjoyed it:)

  2. Real life unfortunately always happens, it is the test of a relationship. I hpe you find that dominant that is right for you, I am betting you do! abby

  3. i hope you find meet him and get the life you wish for.

    blossom xx

  4. I wish you the best! I'm on the same route although I've been duped a few times recently so I often find myself scared to let myself fall, for fear that who I'm falling for is just fake and that the real person is a monster ready to trample my heart.

  5. I"ve read this more than once - it speaks to me, for sure.

    I'll be thinking of you...


  6. Thanks for the well wishes K, Abby, Blossom.

    Giggling Bunny I understand exactly how you feel, good luck.

    Aisha as always great minds think alike.