Submissive Woman looking for a Dominant for a LTR
**Disclaimer: no editing has been done to these messages and the spell check is now broken with all the typos, lol!
Mr. P - (sent a picture with him and his kid, great parenting) His message was: here 44   6ft6  blue  eyes  dom man    looking for sub xoxoxo. When asked to tell about himself and what he was looking for: call or text  will tell all  love to cook   golf     tennis   cuddle   xoxoxoxo. It gets better, when I declined his offer of golf and cuddling he wrote back:   y not     will tie you up too  wheres my pic   xoxoxo (clearly he has a real grasp of the English language).

Mr. D - Hi I coud ebwhat you looking what youur looking for Entertainer would like to met you  D.

Mr. A - well , lets  see i would love to be ur new friend , ur lover and much more .... i would love to put you on your kneew and let you taste my cream, jamaican born 48 , 6/2 235 lbs good looking .. so lets see what kinda nmagic we can make happen.

Drinkupslt - are you thirsty? (very poetic).

Mr. Phone - just wanted to have phone sex

DomDan - good morning (I don't need to go into this one word crap again - do I?).

Master1 - Hi there Master1 here. How are you doing. I have been in the lifestyle over 25 years had a slave for ten years till she died of cancer. I have trained before so I know what I am doing. I don't work 9 to 5 so I have a lot of free time. Anyway I feel you would be what I am looking for. What is your yahoo messenger screen name and I can IM you now. (lets break it down - unemployed and using his slaves death or simply lying about it - not sure which one, plus he lives in CA).

Mr. J - he just sent a picture so I replied back asking him to tell me about himself and what he was looking for. This was his reply: Just some good ole fun for now and see what happens.

Mr. D - the first pictures he sent were of him and 2 other woman, not one picture but two with different woman. Who does that, its so arrogant. He had said he been in a relationship where he was clearly the more dominant of the couple and that's what gave him the right to call himself a D. I think not, I told him that there is more to being the dominant in a relationship and for that reason we were not a match.

There were a couple more but really they were a little boring and didn't make the cut.

There was one "R" who did manage to write more than 1 sentence without being lude and crude. When he sent his picture I knew I had seen it before on another dating site. Turns out it was POF, where I still have a profile. Not only had answered my ad but he had been on my profile on POF very recently because he came up on my list of viewed recently. We exchanged a few emails and then a phone call. He is the most promising and he's some what local. In our emails I wasn't 100% sure how experienced he was but when we spoke on the phone, I knew he was the real deal. As a bonus HE SAYS he wants the same as me, vanilla and D/s wrapped up together.

We'll see....and hey if "R" doesn't work out I can always call Mr. A so I can taste his jamaican cream.


  1. OMG.... you're killing me! This was laugh out-loud funny, and I needed that. A guy on CM that I had talked to previously, apparently found out I was back and sent me a nastygram that called me all sorts of names, then he told me I should kill myself. Nice. Had another guy just send pics of his dick. Really? That's how you introduce yourself??? Men are just such idiots sometimes. Too bad I really like having sex with them! :-) Thanks again for the smile!

  2. For once words just utterly fail... :(

  3. I dunno I like drinkupsit a bit:) Are you thirsty just sounds cute. lol. A Dom offering to serve his sub turns me on. Yes I would like some iced tea please Sir!

  4. And we have to wonder why the good guys can never be found. It's because they are hidden within all the thousands of other BULLSHIT emails. ARGH!!! It's sad but true that these kinds of guys give all of us a bad name. :(


  5. 1 out of 10 ain't bad!!! (oh, wait, yes it is, sorry about that).

    I hope "R" works out for you.

    If nothing else, it made a great blog post, great picture, very grabbing :)

  6. that was sooo funny sbf, just shows one what is actually out there!!!! good luck

    blossom x

  7. Omigod, Sbf, I heard from MrPhone too! Seriously. AND Master1 with the slave who died of cancer too. Good grief.

    good luck with R,


  8. LOL - You'll love this - so when I got my message from MrPhone, i messaged back a thanks/no thanks/good luck, cause i just do that, and got a further response:

    Too bad. You sound like you would be fun. I just find it safe. After all, how bad can a good orgasm be?

    Which then - here's how I am, I start to think, o, gosh, maybe he's right, but...that's pathetic, and not very helpful. Sheesh.

  9. SBS you kill me!!
    Masterspiece come on you know you want to say something, lol.
    K make that 2 ice teas with lemon.
    But DV it makes the really good ones (like yourself) stand out, like diamonds.
    Thank you Marcus & Blossom, love the picture myself.
    HisServant & Aisha, boy that phone sex guy really gets around. Hope he has the unlimited minutes plan.

  10. Well... how about this
    You are a braver woman than one will ever be :D

  11. I was laughing out loud, Sbf reading those (and your thoughts!)

    I know where you are coming from. There are soooo many "losers" out there and out of 10, you are lucky if you find 1! It really doesn't take long to weed out the men from the boys, whether it is on a vanilla dating site or a D/s one.

    Good luck with R :)

  12. MP I don't know about brave, it's more out of necessity.

    Sky I have the narrow down to a science, lol!

  13. Sadly, I can relate to these messages! I get so many like them as well lol.

    Once in a while I'll get someone who might be real and interested but it just hasn't worked out yet

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  15. Dearest butterfly,

    Why do i never learn to NOT eat while reading your posts?! Everytime i read a post with food in my mouth, it ends up on my computer screen and keyboard due to my sudden burst of laughter!

    Jamaican Cream - Hahahahaha!!!!

    i adore your mind, your honesty and refreshing sense of humor - thank you for sharing this and all your stories - i look forward to them and can alway count on them to be insightful and humorous.

    But i really need to read them AFTER i eat *shrugs with a smile*

    --kitten {SirW}
    (my previous posr had too many spelling errors, it was reee-dick-u-lous!)