Just a very quick note, its been a busy day. But I have to mention that for the past couple of days my foot has been bothering me. I even went to the store and bought some inserts thinking that would help. Still I couldn't figure out what happened and then it hit me. Saturday night, awkward position that strained my foot...LMAO.

Is there such a thing a kinksterscomp, for those D/s related injuries?

Also I was feeling a little down today somebody I had sparked up a conversation with all of a sudden just dropped off the face of the earth. Why do they do that? Why don't they just grow some balls and say hey this isn't what I was looking for, thanks. I mean how difficult is that? Anyway he missed out on a good thing :)

But then another guy I have been talking to picked back up our conversation and I felt that rush of adrenaline. There is nothing like a D in your life to get your blood going, love that feeling.

Off to a clients for a house call - its a beautiful day. Other than the earthquakes in CO and Virginia, what's up with that?

PS check out my previous posting, I have picked up a new commenter - blessed holly socks. I am not sure if he wants to save me or screw me.


  1. Butterfly, I hope your foot starts to feel better soon! Did the inserts help at all?

    I wear my CFM shoes way tooo much LOL and consequently see my orthopaedic specialist to have cortisone shots in my feet. I don't DARE go in there in my heels LOL And don't get me started on my chiropractic visits due to sex "injuries" LOL

    As for your new commenter. One word came to my mind - crazy!

    I'm in VA and felt the quake. Now, we're waiting on Hurricane Irene.

    Take care, Sky

  2. hi sbf

    you certainly get them!!!!

    blossom xx

  3. Omg, just read bhs ~ sheesh ~ lmao.

    Yep, you're back in the fun and frolicsome world of internet dating. Woohoo. lol I'm excited about COPE and Kinky Kollege... high hopes for RL.



  4. hey sbf!

    i did not mention bhs's response in the last post, as i was speechless...not even a meow came to mind *smirk* The funny thing is that i don't think it was meant as a joke *giggles*

    Love hearing about your raw emotions...thanks for being so real!


  5. Kinksterscomp? Lol. Maybe check with Aflac. They might have something for you. Lol. I am going to read the previous posting. I want to see what you're talking about.