I have special powers, I never knew it until today. I always just thought I was "special" the kind that rides the short bus special.

First the guy I was talking to from OK Cupid, turns out he just wants to play. Which is OK, just not with me. I figured this out after we communicated for a while. He likes yahoo message and texting, we did talk on the phone once. When we spoke about relationships, at first he said he was looking for ltr also. But when pushed a little more he just kept talking dirty and wasn't really interested in anything else. Yawn, boring.

So I was also talking with this other guy on CM, nice guy but there was something not quite right. He seemed very excited and wanted to start out as friends, because he always just jumps in quickly (sounds familiar). We exchanged emails for about 5 days and there was something I just couldn't put my finger on. WELL he sends me a message today only its from a slightly different screen name (which was light blue). At first I didn't understand why he was telling me he wanted to be honest with me. It wasn't until I clicked on the new name - he's a Switch, yeah uh NO.

That's when I knew I had special powers, I can tell just by email if you are not dominant or if you just want sex (I am cracking myself up right now). Next I am going to perfect x-ray vision and bending steel with my mind.

I also got lovely messages from 2 others on CM, but for some reason they don't know how to send pictures of themselves. One deleted ALL his files and doesn't have one, the other just doesn't know how to share. PLEASE every Tom Dick and Harriet have a camera phone that they can take and text to their emails for heavens sake. If you are too stupid to know this then you are too stupid to talk to me.

Yes I'm back and I'm not putting up with any BS today :)


  1. ah Welcome back.. and in fine form too! Sounding like a much wiser woman :) you have been missed!

  2. ha. So funny. That's a bit like the webcam being broken isn't it?

  3. :) those powers are important

  4. "...If you are too stupid to know this then you are too stupid to talk to me."

    Mean and funny. I love that about you.

    We should trade CM stories...



  5. Thank you Histoy, good to be back.

    Sin all I have to say is how can they call themselves D's if they don't have the confidence to show themselves.

    Thanks K :)

    Aisha I would love to trade stories, I am sure yours are way better.

  6. great to see you back in action sbf...lol, you dont suffer fools!!!! lol

    blossom xx

  7. Girl I can relate! I've come across a lot of guys who just want to 'play' and as you said...that's great...just not with me.

    Yesterday I had a guy msg me and make it clear that he was mostly into casual dating and friends with benefits. I said 'hey good for you and thanks for being honest'. Then instead of respecting my boundaries and wishes, he tried to convince me that I should be the one to change and not want a relationship.

    Silly boys.

  8. Welcome back!!!

    What I hate is when they send you a chat request... without even an e-mail introducing themselves... NO!

    Also hate when they start their conversation with a picture of their dick. Really? What are we, 16?

    Glad you're back, and sassy as ever!!!

  9. Thank you Blossom.

    Giggling Bunny yes they are silly. Seems there are a lot of D's who want to play.

    SBS LMAO yes I got a request for chat and I wrote back - why? Funny he didn't answer me.

  10. Can you tell what a man wants from a comment? ;)