Deviant wanted for questioning

Again this week has been busy, busy and I haven't had time to post. I have been distracted with work, kids & school and some other stuff (giggle). I have been exploring an exciting opportunity (giggle) that has been occupying any free time I might have.

So on to what I can share, I am a thief and deviant. Yes that's right, sweet little'ol me. I love to read a ton of bdsm as you know, not recently (giggle) - focus! - and they always mention different toys and implements being used. So I got curious, at first I thought about buying something. I looked on line but I wasn't sure if they were right or they would work, etc.Then I thought about going to the cute little pink sexy store not to far away, but even that never materialized - too busy. So then I thought ok I've heard about clothes pins being used, simple, easy to get, ok I've got this.

So I went to Tar'get and you know what? They didn't have any. So I forgot about them for a few days and then when I was in Publix grocery shopping - milk, eggs, bread, clothes pins for nipples. Well they had them but (and I thought this was going to be simple) the only ones they had were a bag of 50. Now I know some of you would love to get your hands on 50 clothes pins (you know who you are) but I just really needed 1 at least 2 if possible. So needless to say I passed, but not before I opened the package to see what they would feel like. Yes I am one of those people who doesn't hesitate to open something in the store. Try it there or return it later, its your choice and I like to make things simple. NO I didn't put them on in the store, I put it on my finger silly. They were the plastic ones and they were tight.

Fast forward to a week or two later and I am with my child, senior picture day. We are at the studio waiting our turn and if all you old folks can remember back to when you got your senior pictures taken they only photograph from the waist up. The boys wear shirt, jacket, bow tie and girls wear a shawl type piece of fabric, I remember wearing some type of feathery type thing also. So this shawl that the girls wear is one size fits all and to hold it in place - that's right you guessed it...a clothes pin. Now I didn't steal it from some poor girl, I was sitting waiting innocently and there was one on the chair next to me. Obviously some devine intervention was at hand and who am I to say no to the universe. So I boosted the clothes pin, very casually. I played with it for a while so I didn't look to obvious and then I attached it to the paperwork I was carrying, just in case some representative came over to accuse me of stealing. I walked around with it the entire time and when it was time to go, I slipped it into my purse. I haven't stolen anything since I was in Middle School at the convenience store near school - jolly ranchers - I'm the reason they only let a few kids into 7-11 at one time.

So I took my coveted clothes pin home and placed it next to my bed. The next time I was alone, I tried it out - in 3 spots. I enjoyed all 3 and a Hitachi massage - several times for research purposes because you can't just try it once, you need to make sure that it wasn't just a fluke the first time - check, double and triple check!! Just a side note: when I placed it on, I did it gently so it wasn't bad. But I know that won't be the case in the hands of someone else (giggle).


  1. I paid for my 50. Should I mail you extras!?!

  2. Mindset LMAO - if mine breaks from "overuse" I will let you know.

  3. Oh I laughed so hard reading your post lol. I can see it now - you in the grocery store touching the pegs lol

    Mindset - can I send you my address? Lol

    SBF - have you seen those tiny little wooden pegs in the craft stores? If I buy a bag, I'll split them with you and Mindset!

  4. Those sound like they would be painful in some areas I must admit. Glad you did not have to pay for 50.

  5. Sky I will let you know where to send those crafty pegs lol!

    Searching for myself and Cocktoy welcome to the party, nice to have some new friends. I am enjoying your blogs. :)

  6. All, I can say is it's about time LOL.

  7. oh butterfly!!!! i am on my 2nd bag of 50 *shrugs* - one bag for home, the other for work (so i am never without them *wink* - i always have some in my purse, some in the bathroom, in my toy drawer, in my car and i am sure i am forgetting other places...

    The point is, O/one can never have enough clothes pegs in all places *smiles* - after all, One never knows when they will be *cough* used...

    p.s. SirW does not limit the pegs to the nipples and i will leave you to your imagination as to where else they CUM in handy *chuckles*

    Yes, kitten LOVES clothes pegs!!!



  8. Loved this. I remember the first time I used clothes pins on a submissive. I have about a hundred in my toy bag. You should buy the 50. Sometimes they will break from over use. Plus they have many other uses too. They are like duct tape in a sense. Multi use tool for sure.

  9. I'm tellin!!!!! LOL jk. =) Fun stuff. I recently tried clothespins but we didn't have a lot of time....I'm playing with that top again on Saturday though so it should be fun =)

  10. I'm glad you found one. I actually got mine at the local Dollar Tree - a pack of 36; wooden. I've used maybe 6 at one time? If they ever break, you'd have back ups!