Hair Removal 101

I will be commenting more about the Courting post I wrote at a later date.

Welcome to my version of hair removal 101 inspired by Aisha's posting, its such a popular topic with both D's and subs...remove it, let it grow, shave it, wax it, etc.

I have done all of the above and I am a licensed hair removal specialist by trade. I see both woman and men in all there glory. I love my job, making people of all types feel sexy and confident about themselves. I coach my woman clients, especially those who have children to keep their regular appointments. Because taking care of themselves is in turn taking care of their relationships. It is easy to let the kids take over your life and then your partner feels neglected and we all know where that leads.

Hair growth factors include - genetics, hormones (testosterone), stress and medications (past and present).  

Hair grows in 3 cycles Anogen - growth phase. Catagen - transition phase (end of growth). Telogen - resting. Because all of the hairs aren't on the same stage at any given time, multiple sessions are needed to get the hair in the growth stage for removal - that applies to IPL, electrolysis, laser, waxing & sugaring.

Shaving - cuts only the top of the hair off, so the hair is still there and is still growing. Depending on the factors listed you can shave right now and it can feel like you didn't even do it a few hours later.

IPL - is a light that is used to remove hair but doesn't go deep enough into the skin for it to be 100% effective and has to be used many times to achieve the desired effect. Like throwing a grenade and hoping it will land on its target. It is used overseas because it is easy to use and can be done at home. It also can cause pigmentation issues and is sometimes sold as a laser treatment. 

Laser - true laser reaches the root of the hair shaft and is very effective. Laser goes deeper than IPL and feels like a hot rubber band being snapped on your skin over and over, with cool air accompanying the process. It takes only minutes for each treatment - done in 6 sessions every 6 weeks and attacks the pigment of the hair. The treatment strength is raised each time you go so that the desired effect is achieved.

Electrolysis - uses a fine needle and electric current to remove hair and is the only approved method by the FDA for permanent hair removal. It is extremely effective but very time consuming. It feels like a mosquito bite and attacks the follicle itself. The better the quality machine the less uncomfortableness that is felt and can take from 15 to 30 sessions, depending on the area. Effective for the facial area, underarms, areola but other larger areas are time consuming because you are treating each individual hair.

Depilatories - break down the keratin and weaken the hair so that it is easily scape's off where it emerges from the hair follicle. Using a combination of hydroxide and acid. Regrowth begins to appear within 2 - 5 days. Foul odor , can cause skin irritation, leave a visible shadow of dark hair under the skin and its messy. 

Sugaring - sugar based product, similar to soft candy and has the same effect as waxing. It is cool to the touch and you can actually eat it. Now from my person point (I have used it on myself) - it hurts like a mofo! They take a piece about the size of a golf ball and it is applied to the skin to remove the hair. The problem I have with it is, its small so it feels like they are going over the area over and over, sort of like waxing the same spot 4 or 5 times.

Waxing - removes the hair from the root with either soft or hard wax. Once you start waxing you need to go every 3-4 weeks for the first 3 times - so once a month (at least) for the first 3 months. After that the hair cycles usually are growing at the same time so it will grow in less and less.
*Soft wax is the more popular product used. Its easy to use and very effective for the abdomen area, legs, back, arms or other large parts of the body. Soft wax removes the top layer of skin (exfoliates) and should not be used more than once or twice in the same area.
*Hard wax is not used as much. It is more challenging to use and it takes longer there by cutting into profits. However this is the wax of choice for the face, genital & underarm area. It is much more gentle for clients, only adheres to the hair and can be used over and over in the same area.

For the pubic area..If. you can afford laser and can bare the pain, then go for it. It is the best treatment for hair removal.

My next choice would be waxing using a combination of hard and soft wax. The hard wax is for anywhere below the pubic bone (all the way to the back crack) and the soft wax is for the inside of the legs, buttock cheeks and top of the abdomen. One week before you go start exfoliating the area with a sponge, this will help prevent ingrown hairs. Also continue to exfoliate at least one week after the treatment. Take your favorite pain reliever to help, bring a stress ball and some lavender essential oil to help you relax. Find someone you are comfortable with, ask to meet with them before your treatment (after all this is someone you are going to be baring yourself to), ask for a patch test to make sure the product doesn't irritate your skin. Ask what kind of wax they use, do they double dip or recycle wax (definite NO NO), do they wear gloves (must!!), do they give you a towel or just a piece of paper to drape yourself in. Do not go to a hair salon, go somewhere that specializes in waxing, is quiet and private.

Hair removal is a pain but necessary to some, I personally wax. I find shaving to be a hassle and like Aisha said it just grows in to quickly, plus I don't always get everything without cutting myself at least once. I am surprised that more D's don't want to be a part of the waxing process, after all there is some eroticism and pain involved.


  1. my D actually wants to learn to wax after we go 24/7 so he can do it himself... frugal AND a sadist :)

  2. I wax. Full brazillian every 6-8 weeks normally.
    Last time I saw my beauty therapist, we discussed the fact that my body has taken to waxing like a bee to honey.
    Where I used to regrow I look like someone with a disease...bald patches where nothing regrows!
    Its getting to the point where she charges me half price and it takes half the time.
    Annnd, the pain can be fun :)

  3. Nice. Thanks for the lesson - very interesting!

    My fear with laser hair removal is that I'd end up involved with someone who wanted me to have hair and it would be too late!

    But you've given me some stuff to think about. Thanks, again.


  4. Great post! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    Take care. Sky

  5. Fascinating - I often wondered about the science behind the various methods. I will stick to shaving, though - as I find the very process arousing! (perhaps not quite as arousing as being waxed by sbf though!)

  6. Yep... brazilian here as well... I started getting waxed because I don't get the same ingrown hairs with waxing as I do with shaving. I stuck with it (pardon the pun) because my hair grows back slower, and has dramatically thinned out in the years I've been doing it.

    I have a great gal, we chat and laugh during the whole process. Totally worth it for me, and Sir loves it as well!