Whole lot of nothing

There has been a whole lot of this and not a lot of that. Somebody turned on the D's faucet and forgot to turn it off. The emails have been pouring in, but before you get too excited :) lets go through the line up.

The cop it turns out doesn't know how to operate a telephone, which is strange because you would think with all the equipment in their cars and the fact that they have guns, that he would know (scratching my head). He was great on emails and texts but couldn't quite make to the grown up table. Even after I put and end to it, he still kept writing - I think he had an online fetish.

There was a Greek guy who I really tried hard to understand but I had to throw my hands up because I couldn't. I tried, I really tried.

There is a local writer who has befriended me, he occasionally invites me to keep him company on yahoo while he's working. It's fun to banter back and forth with someone who is intelligent and has a sense of humor.

Then there is the other local guy who messages me while I'm talking to the writer. This guy is the total opposite, has nothing to say and can't keep a conversation going to save his life. However I did agree to have coffee with him at some point, just because I try to keep an open mind - maybe he just is bad online and good in person (a girl can dream).

Trying to open myself up a little more I was talking to a man who travels here for business once a month for a week. We had plans to meet until I found out he was staying an hour away. I told him it was to far for me to travel - work, kids, life, etc. He must have had a back up because after we had been talking for a week, I never heard from him again after I mentioned it.

Another guy who has contacted me before and is always checking out my profile on two sites, wrote me and said I had been checking out his profile for the last 4 days - ??  I told him I hadn't looked at his profile since I accepted his persistant friend request weeks ago. Anyway my guard was down and I couldn't remember what had happened before so I responded in a positive way to open the door. Only to be met with crickets, maybe the universe was stepping in for my lack of memory.

Then I have tons of guys who contact me with what I would equate to a vanilla dating sites winks, smiles, etc. Those things you do when you want to get someones attention but you don't want to look like your trying to hard. They write an email asking me how I am doing, how is the search going, having any luck, how is your day going, marry me???        What is that? Why even bother writing?

So there is no action going on here just me an my clothes pin, unless of course I log onto yahoo and that guy catches me and holds me to my coffee date, lol!

On a much happier note - Congratulations to Aisha for finding him, so very happy for her!! Doing the Happy Dance :)


  1. Butterfly - sometimes they can be so boring it's like watching paint dry!

    Your Dom is out there :).

    Take care, Sky

  2. Frogs and princes comes to mind - some luck fellow will see the light. Hugs

  3. Hi there, I'm going through a similar kind of thing as I've just started looking again. I wish there was a "quality rather than quantity" option on these sites! but keep sifting through the dust and I'm sure you'll eventually hit gold.

  4. Thanks Sky, I appreciate the encouragement.

    Clive, those gosh damn frogs are giving me warts.

    Alice yes there are a lot of them out there, but finding one that matches your wants and needs is like hitting the lottery. I am sure WE will find one.

  5. When you least expect it you win the lottery! hang in there! abby

  6. My fingers are so totally crossed for you. But if it can happen to me, it can happen to you for sure!!

    Thanks for sending happy thoughts my way!

    And - just a thought ~ you know, this probably means nothing, but I found Sir X on collarme. He didn't message me first, I was looking at new people and there he was... but maybe you already do that.



  7. Hope the D faucet turns on soon! *giggle*