Run On

First a quick note: a certain blog has mysteriously disappeared, mmm?
For those of you having a tough Tuesday here is a good laugh for you to enjoy. I wanted to title this heresiswhatIgottodayhadagoodlaugh and my friend (who insisted I post this) said I should call it "run away quickly".
Just so we are clear DV there is no editing, spelling or punctuation corrections.

"i seen your add an i have to say yes you know what you want and your not affraid to put it out i can see you crave to be submisive but in your true nature your really a dominate..i mean really dont allow anything you dont want to happen or go on so who really is in control have a lot of control over your life an crave to give up control an be dominated me i have little to no control over anything that happens in my life an thus am really a subbmisive that craves to be a dominate..i am the dominate an you are the submissive you give up control an i gladly take it ..weak powerless people make the best dominates an those such as your self through time learn to be completely submissive..thouh iot is all a smoke screen i dont mind walking through..i am a great guy sweet though i kick in the body guard biz though out of work at moment looking hard for work ill get something soon..i like living life slow laid back an in peace i believe in long life time relationships...more about me later i want to here about you an you send me a pic and ill send you one bye"

Now...part of my ad states to include a picture with your email. So I wrote back to him and asked him for a picture. Unfortunately I didn't read his email first, I was busy and just responded because in my brain I figured he wrote an awfully long email how bad can it be (laugh loudly here).

"lol i have to say you dont sound very submissive but you made me laugh your fighsty.. ill send my picture heres one of a side view send one ill send one after you i dont know how to load more than one photo on his computer never works right ok so i send a picture ps i now have short hair"

His picture was good so I read the email, WTF?? regardless of the spelling & punctuation issues I was feeling confused...was he a sub, dom or a switch, so I asked (laugh even louder here).

"first off hello i know what the life stlye is all about i know the diffrence between sub an dom an know sub doesnt mean doormat.Been around 40 years to know a little something.I am a sweet man full of love an kindness .I except people how they are an how they come with positve an negative.I allow those to do them for i will do me.I am not a pushover i dont put up with mouth an like things done my way.Is that so bad on the person i dont think so its for the best inteest of us both.Soim glad you have my picture not happy i dont have yours looks dont matter to me..well let me refraze that my looks matter to me others looks i can find buety in all types big small tall short doesnt matter skin is only the souls cloths you going to send me a pic r what lol so butterfly what will it be
really read the statement i made earler really read it youll find that i told you that in not so many words you are a strong in control women maybe to much an thats the reason most of us turn being not incontrol of my life gives me great pleasure in being a dom..i am a subbmisive to life dominate nature you seem a domintae to lifes submisive nature...anyway have a nice day"

I think he was trying to say that in his job he is compliant, therefore submissive but in his real life he is Dominant.
I forwarded this to my friend and her reply was RUN AWAY VERY FAST! But make sure you share this on your blog first.


Giggle a day Part 2

So I couldn't just let this go, just too interesting to think someone actually thinks this way. All the wonderful comments pointed to the fact that this person lives on fantasy island with Mr. Rourke & Tattoo. SirW said it best when he asked about safe, sane, consensual, contract, communication, caring (the little things). So I wrote back and asked him and this is his reply- no editing.

"To attempt to paint all BDSM'ers with the same broad brush would be grossly innacurate and be a disservice to the folks who take it seriously. Some are painsluts that MUST experience the kink they desire in their daily lives. At the same time there are some who play lightly and that services their needs.The point is different people have different needs, and no two are the same.

I state very clearly in My email what level I desire and will expect. I list that will happen and fully detail what can be expected for your future. The women who respond positvely to My request already have cravings for the darker sides of this lifestyle.

The underatanding that My slave will become my most PRIZED POSSESSION. wILE mY SLAVE WILL SUBMIT T mE IN ALL THINGS, she also knows that her health and well being is MY primairy responsibility. I have made very clearly what the line of communication is . Safety is  addressed with the understanding that I am sane and desire to own her for life. That trust cannot be violated. And finally, I fully expect to call in love with MY slave."

Now, I understand what he is trying to achieve but....who in the hell is paying the bills, taking the kids to practice & school, doing the laundry (oh wait naked people don't need clothes), grocery shopping (oh don't need that either), going to her job, calling her family & friends, etc.???? All the REAL LIFE stuff.

Giggle a day

Before I write what I came here for, I want to share my feelings about my fellow blogger. For the past year I have come to look forward to reading the blogs I have subscribed to (and my list is long). I even look forward to the comments that are written, some not always in my favor but appreciated. It was Little Butterfly who wrote today about "why we blog" and said (it was a wonderful posting and I am only paraphrasing) that it wasn't necessarily to get the comments but to express our feelings. I have come to look forward to writing how I feel, getting feedback and commenting when I felt the desire on other blogs. Never during the entire year did I ever get a sense that someone wasn't who they said they were or that they were elaborately trying to deceive me/us.

Never until recently. There is a blog which I won't mention that is on my list and I have begun to question the validity of the writer/s. Certain facts don't check out and dates don't add up, which led me to believe that the writer is playing a hoax on fellow bloggers. For the most part I trust people and I am always a little surprised when I find out the truth. My question is why? Why would someone go to such lengths to do that? To what end?

Anyway this is my feeling of surprise and disappointment.


Now the good stuff....

Today this is the message I received. FASCINATING, that someone would actually write this, FASCINATING that they believe this is a possibility, FASCINATING that he says (because I asked) that he has received positive responses on this. My comments will be at the end (giggle).

Your profile piqued My interest. I feel I should give you a good idea what to expect if I were to take you as MY property. This is a bit much for a first email, but it's informative and will give you a better idea as to what to expect in your new life. I make efforts to "fill in the blanks" whenever possible so here we go... 

Capturing My slave...

I will have you meet Me at a specific place. I will come from behind you and lock the bag around your neck, and restrain you in MY vehicle. From then on your life will change forever. Once we arrive home I will drag you to the cell where you will be spending the next 60 days. A chain will be locked around your throat and the bag removed. Then I will rape you repeatedly until your first day is complete.

60 Days...

Over the next 59 days you will never be allowed to leave the cell. you will wear little if any clothing, and you will only eat whatever food I bring you. There will be no television, radio, or books, I WILL work you over daily to train your mind to focus on nothing more than Me. you will be taught how to behave in public and in private and what your Masters preferences are. you will be taught everything you'll need to know. I will BREAK you. Then I will begin the process of rebuilding you into the perfect slave for Me.

The 61st day...

I will unlock your cell and walk you out into sunlight. I will be with you everywhere you go to guide you and your actions as you take the first steps in your new life. We will go shopping to buy you clothes that I select for you and that please Me. your training will give you the skills you will need to become a pleasure slave, domestic slave, and whore. you will practice your skills to be the best slave you can possibly be. you will never be allowed to have any contact with your family or friends again. The new life you are living should not be contaminated by relationships you've experienced in the past. 

you will become your Masters MOST prized possession. I will NEVER release you and I will never allow you to "slip" back into a pre-slave mentality. you will never be alone again

Ok...who in the hell has 60 days to give up to this???? When I say I laughed out loud, well you could probably hear me!!!
Come on, for real? lol
The thing that was so interesting (and scary) was he believes that this could be a real scenario.

I asked him if he had received any positive responses, he said "I have received many positive responses. The ONLY part I have not done is keeping the slave permanently. Which is something I have only recently decided it was the right time for me to do. Life is more than what you've experienced so far."

So he's done this before (I have my doubts) but he released them after 60 days (sigh, eyes rolling) OK, Sure, Right.

Come on, who is this man, what planet is he from, LOL!


Everything is back!!! YES!!! Life is good, no great!!!

See it doesn't take much to make me happy :)


Last night I updated my I-tunes because there was a new I-Phone update. My techie child told me it was going to improve my life substantially. I was doubtful but knew it had to be done. So while I slept the computer updated so that this morning we could just plug it in and it would be done. Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy!

WELL.......................things didn't go as planned. My computer has been trying to die, it turns off whenever it wants regardless of what I am doing AND it doesn't even have the decency to save what I am working on. I groan whenever this happens and turn it back on (because I am not ready to buy a new one). Don't worry the whole system is backed up on a remote site so if it does die I can at least get my stuff back.

So this morning as we are trying to finish the process, the damn thing turns off - 3 times. So my techie child has the nerve to leave for school, leaving me to finish the process - with no way to contact him because I have no phone at this point. I'm told just plug it in.

I figure it out and get my phone working again contacts, pictures and text messages are GONE!!! My I-Phone that is so easy to use has made me I-sad. Now don't try to tell me its my fault because clearly its my computers fault. My techie child thinks that the computer has all my stuff somewhere in the backup. BUT the techie child is not available...freaking school, after school practice, football game and then tomorrow a competition. Apparently I have to wait until Sunday to find out if my stuff is gone forever, can you believe it!

So here I sit, wondering if I could figure it out myself? Probably not a good idea, lol!

Lesson learned - let the techie child handle the whole process, the hell with school and learning.
Good grief what am I going to do when college starts?


What is chemistry? The catalyst for the relationship, animal attraction between two people that is purely physical. This connection appeals to the five senses. Chemistry is when the pleasure centers of the brain are engaged.

How do you know if you have chemistry with someone? You have chemistry when you know it is easy, when your goal for the day is to get back to that person. When you think about that person and just smile. You experience a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath or that rush of adrenaline, skin may flush or have a weakness in the knees. Its that combination of psychological arousal combined with a feeling of pleasure.

Can you create chemistry with someone who you're not initially feeling it with? Some say yes and some say no. I think having constant contact with someone over weeks or months, it can build up and you can develop chemical bonding. Eye contact and discussing personal subjects can accelerate that bond.

Can you tell if you have chemistry with someone online or on the phone, or do you need to meet them in person? I think you can tell if you are compatible online but you can't tell if you have chemistry until you meet them in person. Eye to eye contact is important in transmitting emotions.

How long does it take to know if you have chemistry with someone? 5 minutes. Good chemistry equals moving forward and bad chemistry equals keep looking.

What is more important, chemistry or compatibility? Chemistry is most important, you can have compatibility with lots of people but chemistry is the rarer of the two. Chemistry is the connection that you have with someone. Compatibility is a partnership of similar goals. Compatibility cannot overcome a lack of chemistry. A combination of both is ideal and are what most people are seeking.


We met, there was no chemistry. It just wasn't there. He asked me if I could pin point what chemistry was so he could go buy it. I said it was an intangible quality that was either there or not.  He felt that since we had the same goals and wants that we should just try. I told him it would be wrong to lead him him somewhere I didn't think it could go. He was hurt, confused and I felt bad but I knew it was the right decision.

As my friend would say - Next...

Fairy Tale

He wrote me a fairy tale, he is the Knight/Sir/M'Lord, Captain of The Palace Guard. I am mistress or miss (insert my name here) a title given chamber maids, who were rewards to the Knights who were in the Kings favor. Right now the Knight is courting the mistress with the Kings permission. I asked him why he was a Knight and not the King. He told me that the Knights had more fun and that a Kings life was boring.

No one has ever written me a fairy tale, let alone a fairy tale about me and with a kinky twist. He wants to know all about me, what goes on inside my mind (rattle rattle). I can definitely say that he is unlike anyone I would have thought I would end up with, he is a real man's man. Maybe thats the attraction that keeps sucking me in deeper and deeper.

He made a comment that the D/s that brought us together isn't even what we have been discussing, well maybe here and there, but for the most part it has been other things. The everyday things, the vanilla things but when he switches back to D/s things it makes it all the better...its the twist I love, the combination of both so effortlessly together.

To early

I can't believe I haven't posted for a whole week, gosh time flies...when you are paying attention to something else.

Now its too early to tell you how interesting he is or that he is so decisive it makes my head spin. Too early to say that when he sees the whole picture, from start to finish, it just freaks me out a little because I can't see more than a week into my life. To early to say that he wants the same things I do and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, at my speed. To early to say that he listens to what I have to say and appreciates my input but is then able to take control of the situation and make a decision to benefit us both. Yes its definitely too early to say that he makes me feel woozy and submissive but still can do all the vanilla with ease.  I would also agree that it would be too early to talk about how romantic he is but how dominant he is and he makes it all seem so natural.

Its too early now but soon it won't be....