Giggle a day Part 2

So I couldn't just let this go, just too interesting to think someone actually thinks this way. All the wonderful comments pointed to the fact that this person lives on fantasy island with Mr. Rourke & Tattoo. SirW said it best when he asked about safe, sane, consensual, contract, communication, caring (the little things). So I wrote back and asked him and this is his reply- no editing.

"To attempt to paint all BDSM'ers with the same broad brush would be grossly innacurate and be a disservice to the folks who take it seriously. Some are painsluts that MUST experience the kink they desire in their daily lives. At the same time there are some who play lightly and that services their needs.The point is different people have different needs, and no two are the same.

I state very clearly in My email what level I desire and will expect. I list that will happen and fully detail what can be expected for your future. The women who respond positvely to My request already have cravings for the darker sides of this lifestyle.

The underatanding that My slave will become my most PRIZED POSSESSION. wILE mY SLAVE WILL SUBMIT T mE IN ALL THINGS, she also knows that her health and well being is MY primairy responsibility. I have made very clearly what the line of communication is . Safety is  addressed with the understanding that I am sane and desire to own her for life. That trust cannot be violated. And finally, I fully expect to call in love with MY slave."

Now, I understand what he is trying to achieve but....who in the hell is paying the bills, taking the kids to practice & school, doing the laundry (oh wait naked people don't need clothes), grocery shopping (oh don't need that either), going to her job, calling her family & friends, etc.???? All the REAL LIFE stuff.


  1. Since it is fantasy time, lets roll with it, He's independently wealthy therefore he has no need to work. Since he is wealthy the bills are paid out of a trust fund so that is not a concern.

    As for the groceries, a call is made to the store and they deliver them to the door.

    The kids would be home schooled.

    This makes for a great chuckle!

  2. Butterfly - I'm laughing - both with your post AND Southern Sirs response!!

    Thanks for the giggles! You could write VOLUMES with these emails! lol

    Take care, Sky

  3. I realized after you posted on my blog that I wasn't following yours...anyway, I took care of that! Thanks again for the support! It's nice to know that anonymous isn't going to have the effect he/she desired.


    P.S. What a fun time to read your blog! Are you deciding if you like the guy that wrote the letter?

  4. Ok, this is classic material here, Butterfly! Thanks for pursuing the conversation with him and for posting it here.


    This is what gives internet relationships a bad name. Although ~ I bet there are people who are interested!


  5. Maybe it;s just me, but assuming this is copied and pasted and totally as he wrote it, I would have a hard time taking him seriously when he can't even check his writing and mis-spells words and bad grammar. But that's just me. As for the content...maybe some things do start this way for some people, but it does make me laugh at him putting the cart before the horse.