Giggle a day

Before I write what I came here for, I want to share my feelings about my fellow blogger. For the past year I have come to look forward to reading the blogs I have subscribed to (and my list is long). I even look forward to the comments that are written, some not always in my favor but appreciated. It was Little Butterfly who wrote today about "why we blog" and said (it was a wonderful posting and I am only paraphrasing) that it wasn't necessarily to get the comments but to express our feelings. I have come to look forward to writing how I feel, getting feedback and commenting when I felt the desire on other blogs. Never during the entire year did I ever get a sense that someone wasn't who they said they were or that they were elaborately trying to deceive me/us.

Never until recently. There is a blog which I won't mention that is on my list and I have begun to question the validity of the writer/s. Certain facts don't check out and dates don't add up, which led me to believe that the writer is playing a hoax on fellow bloggers. For the most part I trust people and I am always a little surprised when I find out the truth. My question is why? Why would someone go to such lengths to do that? To what end?

Anyway this is my feeling of surprise and disappointment.


Now the good stuff....

Today this is the message I received. FASCINATING, that someone would actually write this, FASCINATING that they believe this is a possibility, FASCINATING that he says (because I asked) that he has received positive responses on this. My comments will be at the end (giggle).

Your profile piqued My interest. I feel I should give you a good idea what to expect if I were to take you as MY property. This is a bit much for a first email, but it's informative and will give you a better idea as to what to expect in your new life. I make efforts to "fill in the blanks" whenever possible so here we go... 

Capturing My slave...

I will have you meet Me at a specific place. I will come from behind you and lock the bag around your neck, and restrain you in MY vehicle. From then on your life will change forever. Once we arrive home I will drag you to the cell where you will be spending the next 60 days. A chain will be locked around your throat and the bag removed. Then I will rape you repeatedly until your first day is complete.

60 Days...

Over the next 59 days you will never be allowed to leave the cell. you will wear little if any clothing, and you will only eat whatever food I bring you. There will be no television, radio, or books, I WILL work you over daily to train your mind to focus on nothing more than Me. you will be taught how to behave in public and in private and what your Masters preferences are. you will be taught everything you'll need to know. I will BREAK you. Then I will begin the process of rebuilding you into the perfect slave for Me.

The 61st day...

I will unlock your cell and walk you out into sunlight. I will be with you everywhere you go to guide you and your actions as you take the first steps in your new life. We will go shopping to buy you clothes that I select for you and that please Me. your training will give you the skills you will need to become a pleasure slave, domestic slave, and whore. you will practice your skills to be the best slave you can possibly be. you will never be allowed to have any contact with your family or friends again. The new life you are living should not be contaminated by relationships you've experienced in the past. 

you will become your Masters MOST prized possession. I will NEVER release you and I will never allow you to "slip" back into a pre-slave mentality. you will never be alone again

Ok...who in the hell has 60 days to give up to this???? When I say I laughed out loud, well you could probably hear me!!!
Come on, for real? lol
The thing that was so interesting (and scary) was he believes that this could be a real scenario.

I asked him if he had received any positive responses, he said "I have received many positive responses. The ONLY part I have not done is keeping the slave permanently. Which is something I have only recently decided it was the right time for me to do. Life is more than what you've experienced so far."

So he's done this before (I have my doubts) but he released them after 60 days (sigh, eyes rolling) OK, Sure, Right.

Come on, who is this man, what planet is he from, LOL!


  1. O.O *shakes head*

    I call this the "Dom who lives in fantasy stories."

    Erotic stories are great! No doubting that. But people who try to model their lives off of them scare me. I always wonder if they think about the realities of their little fantasies.

    This guy is just one step down from the "Doms" who think they can keep someone (healthily) fed on piss and scat. I roll my eyes every time I see that.

    Some people need a healthy dose of reality. And that guy is definitely one of them!!!

  2. Butterfly - I could barely keep reading about the 60 day wonder, I was laughing soooo hard!!! I don't even know where to begin lol

    Regarding the first part of your post. I was going to post about this VERY SAME THING! I am feeling the dame way. Things do not add up. I have found everyone I've come across in the blogging world to be 100% genuine. I'm keeping my eye on that blog too. I do not think fellow bloggers will take kindly to being duped.

    We shall see.

    Take care. Sky.

  3. I was thinking the 60 day thing seems like a good fantasy for fun with someone that I loved and trusted but weird from someone I didn't know.
    As for the blog... come one tell me which one it is pretty please, privately even?? I deleted one off of my blog list because it was becoming a little far fetched for my liking even though people were leaving real heart felt comments. I decided I would just walk away, I wonder if its the one you are curious about.

  4. I meant come *on* but you knew that right? lol

  5. Sky- Great POST.. and made me BELLY Laugh.. not Giggle.. "Seriously DUDE".. is about all I would say to him.

    Regarding the BLOGGER.. I know exactly which one it is and I can tell you from direct experience because of what my Master does and who my Master is that it is all FAKE.. every bit of it.
    I wouldn't take the time to even call them out on it (although believe me I was tempted) because anyone who would write what they do is not worth anyone's time.. they are sick and deranged IMHO.

    Glad you mentioned it and glad you figured out it out before you got emotionally attached.



  6. Sorry meant to say SBF- not Sky.. got you confused.. but it looks like you BOTH figured it out.


  7. Yes you are correct Faithful. I soooo want to call them out on it. I have VERIFIED. the information. It is ALL FAKE. My husband is in that field as well as my DM and it is disgraceful to pretend and fake Valois when CLEARLY there is none.

    Sorry to rant on your blog Butterfly. xx

  8. and THAT is why I LOVE the blogs I still read :D <3

    Smart women!

  9. Oh my... I think he is counting as positive responses those that have told him he's POSITIVELY nuts to think that is really going to happen!

    And my interest is definitely piqued about the blogger.

  10. All I can say is WTF?. no really, WTF 60 Days? Safe, Sane? , Consensual?. Contract?, Communication? Caring?

  11. Your Dom-guy is hysterical... 'nuff said.

    Now, for the fake blogger - i have no frigging clue who you're talking about. PM me and let me in on it????

    And i love blogging too... and the people i've gotten to know.


  12. Oh, maybe i do know who you're talking about. Ok. But let me know... i might be wrong.

  13. hilarious sbf, he is living in la la

    blossom x

  14. If i managed to close my jaw from the "OMG" position, i would simply say, "OMG!" There is no way he is for real and i could not even laugh about it, because it is frightening!

    Reading your profile gave him the impression you were right for him??? There is no way he even read your profile - NO WAY!!!

    WOW...what a cracked SirW up, so i relaxed a little

  15. Ooooo this is intrigueing flutterby. One, the mystery fake - now I am itching to learn more and, two, that wierd 60 day freak - hmmm if he is real he is scary, but 'loopy' springs to mind first :)