Last night I updated my I-tunes because there was a new I-Phone update. My techie child told me it was going to improve my life substantially. I was doubtful but knew it had to be done. So while I slept the computer updated so that this morning we could just plug it in and it would be done. Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy!

WELL.......................things didn't go as planned. My computer has been trying to die, it turns off whenever it wants regardless of what I am doing AND it doesn't even have the decency to save what I am working on. I groan whenever this happens and turn it back on (because I am not ready to buy a new one). Don't worry the whole system is backed up on a remote site so if it does die I can at least get my stuff back.

So this morning as we are trying to finish the process, the damn thing turns off - 3 times. So my techie child has the nerve to leave for school, leaving me to finish the process - with no way to contact him because I have no phone at this point. I'm told just plug it in.

I figure it out and get my phone working again BUT...my contacts, pictures and text messages are GONE!!! My I-Phone that is so easy to use has made me I-sad. Now don't try to tell me its my fault because clearly its my computers fault. My techie child thinks that the computer has all my stuff somewhere in the backup. BUT the techie child is not available...freaking school, after school practice, football game and then tomorrow a competition. Apparently I have to wait until Sunday to find out if my stuff is gone forever, can you believe it!

So here I sit, wondering if I could figure it out myself? Probably not a good idea, lol!

Lesson learned - let the techie child handle the whole process, the hell with school and learning.
Good grief what am I going to do when college starts?


  1. Oh, I am so sorry that happened to you, Butterfly :(

    This link might help you - or maybe have your son work through it. It seems there IS a way to recover your text messages - not sure about the photos though.

    Good luck.

    Take care, Sky :)


  2. Yes your phone does leave a copy on your computer. I know my kids ipod syncs to the pc every time they plug the damn things in..needless to say the pc is running out of space because of all of this "backing up" hahaha we fixed that problem. This is what I found online ... /Users/username/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/ should be where you would find your info or MobileMe is what its being called instead of MobileSync sometimes.. or in your "itunes" folder...
    GL with all of it :D also check the timestamp on any back up folder just to make sure it's not a year old ;)

  3. Look at it this way--you get an entirely fresh start on life!

    Ok, don't look at it that way then.

  4. Yeah, I have no helpful suggestions on how to fix the problem, just lots of sympathy.



  5. first, LOUD LOL at Neo Dom Tom's comment...yeah, it was *that* funnah...

    i don't have an iphone nor any i-'dvice (so punny)

    but just so you don't feel lonely in your low tech world...my wifey cannot turn on the tv if i or my kids aren't home to help her.

    Seriously, don't you feel smarter already?