Run On

First a quick note: a certain blog has mysteriously disappeared, mmm?
For those of you having a tough Tuesday here is a good laugh for you to enjoy. I wanted to title this heresiswhatIgottodayhadagoodlaugh and my friend (who insisted I post this) said I should call it "run away quickly".
Just so we are clear DV there is no editing, spelling or punctuation corrections.

"i seen your add an i have to say yes you know what you want and your not affraid to put it out i can see you crave to be submisive but in your true nature your really a dominate..i mean really dont allow anything you dont want to happen or go on so who really is in control have a lot of control over your life an crave to give up control an be dominated me i have little to no control over anything that happens in my life an thus am really a subbmisive that craves to be a dominate..i am the dominate an you are the submissive you give up control an i gladly take it ..weak powerless people make the best dominates an those such as your self through time learn to be completely submissive..thouh iot is all a smoke screen i dont mind walking through..i am a great guy sweet though i kick in the body guard biz though out of work at moment looking hard for work ill get something soon..i like living life slow laid back an in peace i believe in long life time relationships...more about me later i want to here about you an you send me a pic and ill send you one bye"

Now...part of my ad states to include a picture with your email. So I wrote back to him and asked him for a picture. Unfortunately I didn't read his email first, I was busy and just responded because in my brain I figured he wrote an awfully long email how bad can it be (laugh loudly here).

"lol i have to say you dont sound very submissive but you made me laugh your fighsty.. ill send my picture heres one of a side view send one ill send one after you i dont know how to load more than one photo on his computer never works right ok so i send a picture ps i now have short hair"

His picture was good so I read the email, WTF?? regardless of the spelling & punctuation issues I was feeling confused...was he a sub, dom or a switch, so I asked (laugh even louder here).

"first off hello i know what the life stlye is all about i know the diffrence between sub an dom an know sub doesnt mean doormat.Been around 40 years to know a little something.I am a sweet man full of love an kindness .I except people how they are an how they come with positve an negative.I allow those to do them for i will do me.I am not a pushover i dont put up with mouth an like things done my way.Is that so bad on the person i dont think so its for the best inteest of us both.Soim glad you have my picture not happy i dont have yours looks dont matter to me..well let me refraze that my looks matter to me others looks i can find buety in all types big small tall short doesnt matter skin is only the souls cloths you going to send me a pic r what lol so butterfly what will it be
really read the statement i made earler really read it youll find that i told you that in not so many words you are a strong in control women maybe to much an thats the reason most of us turn being not incontrol of my life gives me great pleasure in being a dom..i am a subbmisive to life dominate nature you seem a domintae to lifes submisive nature...anyway have a nice day"

I think he was trying to say that in his job he is compliant, therefore submissive but in his real life he is Dominant.
I forwarded this to my friend and her reply was RUN AWAY VERY FAST! But make sure you share this on your blog first.



  1. Not surprised the Blog is gone... good riddance!

    I have to say you get the best responses to your Ad.. or ADD :)

    You should save them all and write a book one day.

    Possible title:
    "How to NOT get a submissive in 1 day or less"


  2. Love Faithful's idea,,,and the title!
    Thanks for sharing! abbt

  3. Did he EVER come up for AIR?

    A book? No! You could write VOLUMES!!

    can you imagine? These so called Doms idea if foreplay is probably asking "hey, are you awake?"

    Thanks for the laughs! Between him and the one last week, you're in your way to your first book!

    Keep 'em coming! :)

    Take care. Sky

  4. Oh. My. Word.!!! What a hoot! I couldn't make out that letter at all. Can you say uneducated and/or grammar challenged?!


    P.S. Hope you get a better reply next time:)!

  5. My goodness! Sometimes I worry that my grammar is incorrect or my spelling sucks... Now I just feel so much better about myself ;) TY

  6. Too funny, and kind of sad. He sounds like he's probably a nice person behind the bad grammar and poor sentence construction.

    It's interesting, isn't it? My grandmother and great-aunt both only completed third grade, but they could write a beautiful letter. This guy is probably a high school graduate. How does that happen?

    Thanks for sharing, Butterfly!


  7. Wow... for once, I actually have no words. Glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read your post... it might have actually come out of my nose. Grammar? He doesn't ever really tell you what he's looking for. Maybe he did, but I couldn't read the whole thing.

    LOVE your posts... thanks for the smile. Run!!!!

  8. I found this amusing yet sad, strangely familiar yet foreign. I can only surmise that English was a second language.

    Seriously, that was amusing.

    Now eye m goin reed summore of yur blog.

  9. I am ESL (English as a Second Language) when I write I try to be careful with spelling and grammar and I know at times I make such mistakes.

    Seems to me he is looking for a Mistress, but it was very confusing trying to decipher his response ^^

    Thanks for sharing! Loving & Enjoying your blog

  10. SMH because there are no words...