Special Note: To all Veterans, Thank You for your service and sacrifice!

I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I forgot to thank the lurkers. The ones who visit my blog from all over the world. So THANK YOU!

Regarding the comments from Guilty Lurker:

Sky - You always have such wonderful and positive things to say. I know you will figure it all out with regards to your D.

Florida Dom - Thank you for your comments and for your Lisa stories, which I enjoyed reading recently and I look forward to more from you.

Kitten for Sir - You are a wonderful soul and I always appreciate your comments & postings (all of them).

LittleOne - Thank you for your comment and I am looking forward to reading your blog - little precious one.

Masters piece - Thank you, always nice to see you.

beingaisha - Thank you, I love you, I love your blog (lurk there often).

Southern Sir - Thank you for your comments as always.

a hidden slave - yes I do believe that we share a similar anniversary - Congratulations to you also! We
                        are on a wild ride together.

Anonymous 1 - Thank you for lurking.

Anonymous 2 - I am always looking for a new read and would love it if you would share your writings with us.

Kitty - Thank you and I lurk on yours often.

faithful - You always have something wonderful and insightful so thank you for your thoughts.

Lurkers - Thank you for coming back again and again, I appreciate your lurking and would even encourage you to share your thoughts.  Hello to the ones (and you know who you are) that make me wonder why you still read my blog.

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