It's no surprise that there was family drama this holiday. We have one black sheep that came home for the holidays and it caused drama like our family has never seen. The details are unimportant, every family has that person that causes problems at the cost of every one's feelings, so I am sure you can relate.

When we all sat down for the "family discussion" my brother took the lead, he calmly stated his position and was very firm about his feelings. I was very proud of him. He mentioned that the elder man in our family had not put his family first but had instead chosen the black sheep above us all. My sister in law chimed in and told how my brother had handled a business situation for her and how it had made her life much easier. I was surprised by this statement because I had given her The Surrendered Wife book several year ago and everything that she was saying came right from the pages. I didn't think she had read it or believed in it. I smiled to myself because I was happy that she had taken it seriously, because their marriage had been teetering at that time.

As I sat back and watched my brother handle the situation and his wife support him, I realized that is what I missed in my life. I was so glad he was there to take control because it was something that could have brought irreparable harm to our family. That moment at the table I felt relieved and protected because my brother had stepped up, something I haven't felt in a while.

Through all of this dating and searching I had begun to lose site of what I wanted, instead I had become numb from the moronic men I had been coming across. I had even begun to question if I wanted to date at all, I was burned out. That last one was so BAD that I didn't want to even be near a man. But as I listened to my brother defend us to the family member, I remembered what I wanted. I want to find someone who will be there to put himself between me and the problem, I want a knight in shining armor.

I read a posting from kitty the other day about just this subject. Daddy had stepped up to protect kitty against the anonymous blogging commenter, it was beautiful - he was her knight in shining armor.

Thanks for the comment, nice to see you are talking to me again - even if I do live here in Florida I'm only an email away.


  1. As I was reading your post I found myself really enjoying your family story. I was pleasantly surprised to see the link to my post, but I must say it did dovetail nicely. Don't give up searching for your knight!

  2. It is comforting when someone steps in and protects us isn't it? Even if it your brother. I'm glad you felt secure in that situation.

    YOUR knight will come. He's out there :)

    Take care. Sky

  3. it is lovely to have someone come and protect us and stand up for us, be the Dom we want them to be, and some of us are lucky to have that.

    So yes your knight will come as sky says sbf, as i hope so will mine..:)

    blossom x

  4. Kitty that you for the lovely story.

    Sky yes it was very comforting and it felt great.

    Soon Blossom we will have it all

  5. Heartwarming story.

    The mantra of my blog is, "If you write it, he will come." And I'm sure he will find you!

  6. What a great experience. I'm so glad your brother was there for you, and that you were able to see him role model what you're looking for.

    He's there. i believe it. But i can't say much, cause i didn't believe it for myself til it happened.