Vacation Wednesday

When a woman submits its because she has found the strength to do so. The belief in herself to take on such a role she can only do so when she feels unconditional love and soul guiding trust. She has to understand her purpose and how important she is to Him and how important she is to herself.


  1. Words that ring so true, so many who don't understand think that submission is a weakness. They have no idea how much strength and courage it takes.

  2. Very well said Southern Sir, thank you.

  3. You describe this so eloquently. I may have My slut read this.


  4. Another beautiful post. Being on vacation must be good for you - I feel like we're reaping the benefits of it!


  5. Thank you William and Aisha :)

  6. Well said sbf and as always expressed beautifully.

    blossom x

  7. Very nice words! There is one most important part of this for's not about blind submission and submitting just for the sake of it. It's about submitting to the one that gives the love and takes yours in return, thereby building a trust like no other between the two people. It's about submitting to that "special one". It's realizing how important you are to Him, as well as He is to you. Such sweet and true words.


  8. Absotively posolutely true!!

    The trick is, as I suspect that you are aware, in finding One that understands this as well.

    Submission is not, nor can it be something that is forced. It is something that is organic to that particular individual. It cannot be demanded nor learned. Oh sure, One can demand, command, dominate another, but unless she/he has that organic disposition to submit, it ain't gonna work.

    Moreover, the One needs to make the submissive feel SAFE enough physically and emotionally to act upon those organic impulses/personality traits.

    Oh hell...I am gonna blog about this. it seems to be a recurring subject.