WRM - Follow Up

First I have to say I finally figured out when I copy and paste the words turn up with a white back round (and it makes me crazy) - sorry, I will be more careful.

Follow up to comments from yesterdays Wanted Well-Rounded Man posting.

Cowboy - I love a man with a sense of humor, so thank you for the giggle. Those weren't the replies, those were the introductions. If someone sends me a decent introduction then I write back to let them know if I am interested, either way. Unless of course they were just disgusting then I just block them. I am even OK with a vague profile, it can all be discussed in emails or chat. What gets me is the "what would you like to know about me". If you can't answer a simple question with a simple conversation starting answer then you don't deserve my attention. I almost feel like it is a test to see if they can take the lead, because after all they are the Dom and I need to feel that from the beginning.

Anonymous - I understand that emails sent to perspective subs aren't always answered, I have heard that from other men. I know if I don't feel we are match I won't hesitate to let you know, but that's just me. But just like vanilla dating it takes time and patience. Not everyone you think is beautiful is attracted to you or your profile for one reason or another.
In my opinion the  first correspondence should be short and simple, a little more than "hey hows it going" or "daddy knows what you want", but something that catches my attention and lures me in to responding. KISS - keep it simple stupid (no offense). If we don't all keep trying we may just miss the best thing since sliced bread.

William - CM is no different than any other dating site. I hear the same complaints from friends on Match and E Harmony. There are jerks and bitches everywhere.

Southern Sir - My profile on CM tells about what I want, doesn't give to much personal info but all of that can be filled in for the right man. I have seen men with one line or even nothing, that doesn't exclude them from my interest. Where they f-ck it up is in the response and that is sad because this should be their time to shine. By responding positively I have shown interest, all they have to do is show me what they've got.

Sky - Don't be sorry, its the "have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince" situation. Good luck wading back into the pool! Can't wait to hear all about your trials online.

Florida Dom - If only there were more like you. Really men think we are complicated but really its very simple. By the way - who told you the secret, lol!

Aisha - What you and Sir X have it unique, you know that after having been on the dating scene for so long. You have found that one in a million. Hugs to you!

Remember this is just my point of view as a submissive woman. I can't speak for others and certainly can't speak for men. I can only learn, grow and keep moving forward searching for someone to share myself with. I will make mistakes, change my mind about what I am looking for and have fun all at the same time but always keeping my sense of humor.

Turns out the guy who I blew up on, is new to the lifestyle but his apology to me was pretty great.

"No I do not believe that the paragraph explains who I am.  It just explains what I am hoping share for the remainder of life.  No, I am a complex giving person seeking the same.  I reached out to you because of you wonderful words.  I do appreciate your response.  I know ANY relationship be it family, friends or co-workers can be successful when trust and honesty exist without exception.  I did not have the right to invade you space without first clearing a path.  For that I am sorry".

Unfortunately he turned out to be someone who needs some guidance and I am not a topping from the bottom kind of girl, so I offered my friendship instead.


  1. Great post, butterfly. It all boils down to COMMUNICATION. Right from the start. I always imagine the emails as if we are meeting for coffee. Can you IMAGINE sitting across from someone you met online, for the first time, and then asking them, tell me about your self and they reply "its all on my profile."?? Seriously???

    It is difficult online. I prefer to meet men in person - where the instant chemistry is there. But then, we have to then discover if they are Dominant.

    Enjoy the ride. Wanna come to Aus with me? A whole new dating pool! LOL

    Sky xx

  2. Humor huh? Well some have it and some do not....some say I am full of it! LOL

    Yes, I understand. Here is to always finding a decent introduction. **clink**

  3. Keep us posted...I'm hoping you find someone that's a well rounded person that's also not an asshole.


  4. Sky maybe you could sneak one of those aussies back in your suit case :)

    Cheers Cowboy

    Kitty thank you for your wishes