OK I'm not really against cookies, I am just against baking them myself. All those wonderful recipes that got posted today sound yummy and delicious, as long as somebody else is making them for me. Did you know that The Wellesley Cookie Exchange, a famous American cookie exchange, began in 1971 as a way to relieve holiday stress. You should feel stress free with all those cookies around.

Did you ever wonder what the top rated store bought chocolate chip cookie is from Consumer Reports?

Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies - I've never seen them here, but they look delicious. Chocolate Chip cookies are also the state cookie for Massachusetts & Pennsylvania.

Best tasting store bought cookie dough from Consumer Reports?

Trader Joe's Chunky Cookie Dough - sounds great, but again we don't have that here (sigh).

FACT: Did you know that private label cookie sales are double than Nabisco Oreo & Chips Ahoy - could that be because those taste like cardboard (but double stuff will do in a pinch). 

Top selling Girl Scout Cookie - Thin Mints accounting for 25% of the sales - no surprise there, yummy in my tummy! Plus they freeze. Girl Scout's began selling in 1920 and the first commercially baked cookies were in 1934.

Did you know there was never a Betty Crocker? She was created by the Washburn-Crosby Company in Minneapolis—a predecessor of General Mills. The name Betty Crocker was chosen to be this person. Crocker was taken from William G. Crocker, the recently retired director of the company. The name Betty was chosen because it sounded cheery and wholesome and also was an extremely popular name in the 1920's. An artist was commissioned to create a portrait of Betty and came up with the matronly, white, middle-aged woman—her iconic look was established in 1936. Over the next eight decades her “look” would change 7 more times.

Finally my favorite cookie....Peanut Butter - as Goldilocks said "just right", they can't be too soft or too hard. I have not found one that I truly love, a real must have. Its really very sad when you think about it. No Dom and no PB Cookie (giggle).


  1. I'm with you on the not-baking. Unless I'm baking with other people, I'm not really into it. I just want to eat the yumminess LOL!

  2. Well now, do not despair. Come on over and I will break out my special recipe (see my bog post today) and make some cookies just for you. Hehe! I might even put on my apron so I look cool and like I know what I'm doing. LOL!


  3. I think all the girl scout/guide cookies freeze. Convenient...

  4. If you do decide to get in the baking mood, you might want to try the recipe I posted...they are too die for!


    P.S. Almost forgot to tell you the name...Lemony Raisin Bars.

  5. I'm one of those that contribute to the GS Thin Mints sales :-)

    As for the Peanut Butter cookies, well...come on over and I'll whip up a'em myself.

  6. O, i kind of love the anti--cookie post. i bake just for this...laughing...


  7. Girl Scout cookies....As Wednesday Addams inquired, "Are they made with real girl scouts?" LOL

  8. Mmmmmm cookies! my favorite is also peanut butter...i love making them just right, but on the softer side, in fact, i under cook them just a little and while they are cooling, i press real peanuts into them - OMG, can you say drool/yummy?



  9. I'm with you cuddlykitten!

    DV you can come over and bake my cookies anytime, I mean bake cookies for me, lol!

    Thanks for the tip Sin.

    Kitty thanks for the recipe.

    Aisha feel free to send some over, lol.

    Thanks for the invite SouthernSir.

    Cowboy you are funny!!

    kitten for Sir, I would love to have that recipe so I can drool also. hugs to you!!