I receive messages that leave me scratching my head, wondering what the heck they want. They range from one liners to paragraphs.

"you are beautiful"

"love your pictures"

"happy holidays"

"your eyes are gorgeous"

"you are most welcome to chat about any subject"

"hey lil one"

"pretty woman"

"this sub owned"

"I don't play games, you will be trained to serve and pleasure me, you will be used as I desire"

"I am a 6'3 Tall Dominant Caucasian Male with Piercing Eyes, Large Solid Frame. Very masculine, strong, manicured and well groomed, I am intelligent, educated, outgoing, and posses excellent communication and writing skills. I lead my life, my vanilla life and my D/s life all with a high level of honor and integrity. I am strict but fair, compassionate, understanding and loving. I am described by my friends as Insightful, Empathetic, Thoughtful, Creative, Intuitive, Balanced My life revolves around principles of loyalty, honor, trust & respect. Respect is not given, unless it is earned, if you give it, you'll get it. it's a lesson well learned"

"might this sub like to chat yahoo or msn im" - I threw this one in because I get requests like this all the time. It has a touch of the middle ages and leaves me wondering who has time to sit around all day and chat on yahoo. Mysteriously I've learned that these men usually can communicate during the day (while they are at work) but then comes the night they are no where to be seen - strange :) they must think we are total idiots.

Whenever I receive messages like these, I am never sure why they are writing. Are they interested, are they sharing their thoughts/beliefs, are they looking for a friend, are they trolling, are they sending me their resume, etc. Why do so many D's feel the need to send cryptic messages? Do they really have so little confidence in themselves.
I want a clear message, no games. I would also say this applies to emails that are like fishing expeditions, never really saying what they want. So I just go with the assumption they want to be friends.

Life doesn't have to be that complicated. KISS - keep it simple stupid because I just want to know what you want, I respond to that straight upfront tone....I'm submissive for god's sake, lol.

"Hi I'm interested in getting to know you...blah blah blah."
"Hi I liked your profile & picture and I want to know more"
"Here's my picture and profile, I would love to know more about you"

easy pesie lemon squeezie

I wrote this post at least a while ago and never felt it was quite right until last night when I heard a song on the radio that brought this posting full circle for me.

Ocho - Undress My Mind, it wasn't the song that caught my attention it was the be continued


  1. While I don't receive those comments, I do receive notifications of odd people adding fetish photos of me on deviantart to their favourites. I do like the title of the song that caught your attention. I'll have to look that one up.

  2. Butterfly - I know what you mean! I out a profile on CM for all of about three days. Too many emails and messages exactly like the ones you receive. Very disappointing. I too like a MAN who is straightforward, to the point, and makes his intentions clear. Dons are supposed to lead, aren't they? :)

    I like hearing about your adventures in the world of online dating. They always make me giggle! Keep 'em coming lol

    I'll check out the song. Live the title. That's what us submissives WANT. To have our mind undressed. (and our body will follow)

    Take care. Sky

  3. O, yeah. I totally hear you.